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Thursday's Corn Flakes: Tom Osborne's Legacy Continues On

Today's links on how much respect Nebraska has for Taylor Lewan, as well as our Q and A for both the Michigan FB game and FGCU's BBall team.

Eric Francis

It's about 48 hours to Nebraska and Michigan's tussle in Ann Arbor. How many of you are going to the game proper? Hopefully it won't be like the last time Nebraska arrived for a contest. However, with the bad did come some good.

ANYHOO, on to today's goods.

Yesterday, Corn Nation gave you the Big 10 Power Poll for this week, as well as Mike's modified preview of the Wolverines.

We always publish our opponent's Q/A session on the day before the game. Maize n' Brew published the one we did for them yesterday, and we invite you to give it a glance.

Mike LB Josh Banderas has learned a lot this year, the LJS tells us. Also, there's a deep respect on the Nebraska DL for Michigan's Taylor Lewan.

Over at MGoBlog, here's a breakdown of how the Wolverines played D against Michigan State. Also, some quips from Brady Hoke's Wednesday presser. One thing to notice about that and the Monday press conference is that the only real player asked about both times is Ameer Abdullah, and that's really it.

The NAIA has named their National Championship trophy after Tom Osborne.

Several announcements from Nebrasketball HC Tim Miles on Wednesday. Primarily, Ray Gallegos is out for disciplinary reasons for the first 2 games, as well as Nathan Hawkins out with a foot injury.

CN's David McGee did a Q and A for a Florida Gulf Coast blog, and that's here for you.

Tom Shatel of the OWH says that Pinnacle Bank Arena, along with Tim Miles, needs to just be the start of something big for the Basketball program.

Fairly big Thursday in College Football tonight, as Oregon heads to tackle Stanford and Oklahoma takes on Baylor in Waco.

There was a report yesterday that Ohio State DC Luke Fickell interviewed for Carl Pelini's vacancy at Florida Atlantic. On Wednesday, Urban Meyer says that didn't happen.

Nick Saban waived off those rumors placing him to Texas.

Ever wonder what the true salaries of every coach in FBS is? Well, go get some coffee and have a gander.

Dish Network has finally 86'ed a vast majority of the Blockbuster company. Some of you are upset, but others... well, just aren't.

Today's birthdays include Billy Graham, David Guetta, Christopher Knight, Will Demps and Rio Ferdinand.

Today is Hug A Bear Day, as well as Notary Public Day.

Omaha's own 311 as today's song.

(thanks 311Vevo)

Enjoy your day folks.