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Big Ten Winners: Husker Soccer vs Indiana Gallery

A little late, but better than never and BEFORE the Big Ten regular season winning Nebraska soccer team starts the 2013 Big Ten Soccer Tournament!

The match was excellent fun - I would urge any Husker fan to get out there and enjoy watching the women's team play this season. The weather was typical late October Nebraska weather. The sun peaked out sometimes, it was cool, and towards the end of the match a quick rainstorm came by, blew everyone around, got everyone wet and cold, then disappeared as quickly as it had appeared.

It was senior day - so photos in the gallery include the seniors, as they should. Emma Stevens (#0) became the first Nebraska goalkeeper to score a goal in school history, and that goal was the seal for a 3-1 victory over Indiana to clinch the 2013 Big Ten regular season soccer title. Senior days don't get any better than that!