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Tuesday's Corn Flakes: RK3's Moment In The Sun

Today's links include how Nebraska could deal with injuries on Offense heading into Michigan, as well as some recognition by SBNation.

David McGee/Corn Nation

Get through your Monday? Good, so did I and a lot of other folks. Tuesday is (almost) always Podcast day, so we'll have that today for you folks. But, before that, your daily links.

Yesterday, Nebrasketball had their final warmup before Friday's opener against Florida Gulf Coast, and David was there before and after the festivities. Also, your Monday Cobs and Ameer Abdullah getting some love from the Hornung Award.

We don't like to humblebrag much around here, however Corn Nation was honored by SBNation as one of the feature blogs on the entire network yesterday. It's a great honor, and speaks to the what the entire team of guys that work on CN are all about. Also, there's a great mention about David McGee's work in there.

Speaking of Abdullah, it really sounds like he's embracing visiting Michigan Stadium once again. Also, in that piece, we learn how injured Nebraska's offense really is going into the Saturday afternoon matchup vs. the Wolverines.

Ron Kellogg III and his celebration after the play last Saturday vs. Northwestern was a nice topic during the Monday presser. However, no one asked him about being the next great "fat college Quarterback" though.

Bo Pelini's job temperature didn't really go down too much after Saturday's win, but there is another person off a big time program that joins Bo on that list after his team farted it up in Jacksonville on Saturday.

Keep staying hot, Richie Incognito.

Mark Dantonio dancing? Mark Dantonio dancing.

A couple big time games coming up on Thursday, as Oklahoma clashes with Baylor and Stanford and Oregon get after it. ESPN plans on having a "mini" College Gameday from Palo Alto on Thursday.

It looks like we have 2 finalists for the Texas Athletic Director job. I can't see either one keeping Mack Brown after the season, but that's a bridge we'll burn when they get there.

If you're getting disciplined for the third time in less than 2 years for running your mouth about what Miami Football should do, including your second firing for offering a bounty on FSU RB Devonta Freeman, maybe you need to take a look at what you're doing wrong in life. Oh yes, "I was hacked" gets old and isn't a real good excuse, either.

It's never a good thing to report on anyone young who loses their mother while in college. Mississippi St QB Dak Prescott lost his mother over the weekend. Fuck Cancer, btw.

These Northwestern uniforms for the Wounded Warrior project that they will wear against vs. Michigan kinda, sorta look like what Texas Tech will wear against K State.

Looks like a very nice, new indoor practice facility for Vanderbilt is almost ready to go.

While Mississippi DE Robert Nkemdiche will be back for the Rebels this weekend, it sounds like David Ash won't be back for Texas quite yet.

Does Ohio State finally look the part of a BCS contender? Bill Connelly of SBNation thinks so.

Is there a Red Sox World Series conspiracy? Quite possibly.

Today's birthdays include OUR OWN SALT CREEK AND STADIUM. He shares a birthday with Kris Jenner, Bryan Adams, Famke Janssen, Bubba Watson, Sam Rockwell and Bill Walton.

Today is Commercial TV Broadcast Day and National Gunpowder Day. I dunno how Salt is going to celebrate his B-Day with that, but ok.

I like this song, but this is only the real decent video I could find of it. So, here ya go.

(thanks The80'sJukebox)

Have a great day folks.