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Monday's Corn Flakes: Michigan Week Starts Now

Links this morning about Nebraska's new bowl projection, and Michigan's lack of belief in Al Gorges.

Never seen anyone dress like Vals before, but....
Never seen anyone dress like Vals before, but....
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

What a great weekend, huh? However, it is time.

The 24 hour rule has come and gone. Even though it was a great win with a fantastic finish, it's time to move on to the game vs. the Michigan Wolverines this Saturday afternoon.

The Michigan SBNation site, Maize n Brew, isn't too happy with Al Borges and thinks that retirement should be soon for him. Meanwhile, Mark Snyder at the Detroit Free Press says Saturday's game will be two flawed teams going at it.

Steve Sipple at the LJS thinks Jordan Westerkamp and Matt Davison should get together and talk about clutch catches.

Tom Shatel at the OWH wonders if the season is revitalized with Westerkamp's catch on Saturday. I don't know if I'd go that far, but at the same time, we all feel a lot more confidence right now going into the last month.

Sam McKewon reminds us all that without Ameer Abdullah and his extra effort right before the final play, RK3 to 1 probably never happens.

Recruiting update:

There is a chance that London picks Nebraska, but a lot of folks think that Michigan State wins this one. We'll let you know if there is a upset.

How's going to Houston for the Texas Bowl vs Kansas State sound for a postseason trip?


With the Big 10 Basketball season starting this week, have you made a point to go to the SBNation B1G Basketball community BT Powerhouse? It's a great place to keep up with the whole conference during the season.

Florida/Georgia was a straight up nasty game. One that may have Will Muschamp on the sizzle seat.

Well, Florida Atlantic ended Tulane's four game winning streak on Saturday. There is hope for a bowl big for the Owls, which is pretty impressive considering the Carl Pelini issues last week.

Good to see Richie Incognito hasn't changed much.

The Houston Texans blew a big halftime lead and lost to Indianapolis on Sunday night, but thoughts were to their HC Gary Kubiak as he collapsed and had to be rushed to a hospital at the start of Halftime.

Just because: #FireSchiano.

Today's birthdays: P Diddy (or whatever his name it this week), Dez Bryant, Ralph Macchio, Kathy Griffin, Laura Bush, and Matthew McConaughey.

Today is National Use Your Common Sense Day, as well as King Tut Day and National Chicken Lady Day. A wise business person would intertwine all those.

Haven't heard Aerosmith as the song of the day yet. So, here ya go.

(thanks AerosmithVEVO)

Bo Pelini's presser this morning. Don't forget to watch for the call for questions for tomorrow's podcast on twitter and Facebook. And, as always, great stuff coming out through the entire day.

Have a great Monday folks.