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Cobs of the Week: Taylor Lewan, Fitz Toussaint, Trevor Siemian, Purdue, and Virginia Tech

Eric Francis

Frankly, this was a light week of candidates for the "Worst of the Week in College Football." Normally, you'd want to nominate Miami, but nobody gave the 'Canes a chance against the Seminoles. And the SEC East for fast-tracking Missouri to Atlanta, but that's more of a season-long thing. But the CN staff did sit down and assemble our list of the worst of the week.

Taylor Lewan

Michigan's left tackle, who's considered to be a likely first round draft pick, swore before the game he wouldn't be bullied in this game. So he took matters into his own hands...specifically more than one Michigan State facemask.

Fitz Toussaint

Last week, Michigan running back Fitz Toussaint decided to break out some smack for their cross-state rival.

"We labeled them as a little brother. And, you know the little brother always want to prove themselves and try to beat up the big brother one day. I think they really take offense to that."

Toussaint backed up his talk with his impressive 20 yard rushing performance ... leading Spartan fans to chant "Little Sister" in the closing moments of Michigan State's 29-6 victory over the Weasels.

Trevor Siemian

As the month of October unfolded, it appeared that Northwestern had realized that Trevor Siemian was best utilized as a backup quarterback, and that rotating him with Kain Colter wasn't a very good idea. Certainly helped Nebraska last year in Evanston. And it sure helped Nebraska in Lincoln this year as Siemian completed just four of 13 passes with one very costly interception by Avery Moss.


It took less than a minute. On the second play of the game, Purdue quarterback Danny Etling threw an interception to Doran Grant, who sprinted into the end zone for the winning touchdown. For the remaining 59 minutes on the clock, the only question was how bad this was going to get.

Virginia Tech

First, it was the triple overtime win over Marshall. Then, the Hokies lost to Duke...and now losing to Boston College? Remember when Virginia Tech used to be a powerhouse?