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Bo Pelini Apologizes For Iowa Game Outbursts

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Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

This evening, Bo Pelini issued the following statement through the Nebraska athletic department:

"I want to thank our administration and Shawn Eichorst in particular, for his continued and full support that he has given me and our football program since his arrival on campus.   I am honored to represent this university and its great fans and I’m proud to lead this program into the future.

I apologize for reacting emotionally yesterday and for showing frustration both with the game officials and the media.  I fully understand and respect their difficult jobs, and I regret any and all actions or words which may have shed a negative light on our program and university. Accountability is a core belief throughout our program, and as the head coach, I must set and maintain a high standard.

Our football staff is hitting recruiting full throttle and looking forward to the upcoming bowl game.  We are committed to working with Shawn and our entire department staff to continue to build this program and bring championships back to Nebraska."

Does this end the controversy?  Unlikely, in my opinion.  The statement reads like it was written for him, not by him. That being said, it was a statement that had to be made. Pelini's words and actions yesterday only served to erode the support he has enjoyed from the fans across the state and worldwide.

That being said, Husker fans have known for ten years about the passion of Bo Pelini. Sometimes it works very well in his favor.  Sometimes, like yesterday, it works to his detriment. Pelini has worked to become a little more stoic, more controlled, in his actions this season.  In the regular season finale, Pelini took a step backwards.

Can Pelini win back the fans that he has alienated? If you listen to them, they'll say probably not. But reality is that winning cures all ills; that's the tonic for Bo Pelini.

That, and stop giving all of his critics more reasons to criticize him.