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Corn Nation Power Poll: Week 14

After a week where almost nothing changed, we had a little shuffling this week.

Justin K. Aller

Nebraska continued to do what they do: hang around and figure out a way to pull a rabbit out of a hat at the end.  It's a trend at this point, more than coincidence.  The Gophers were finally knocked off their perch and we have our matchup set for the championship game.  Nobody is suprised that Ohio State made it to Indy, but not many picked Michigan State to represent the Legends West Division, but it's probably the best matchup for the Buckeyes at this point.  Northwestern continues their nightmare of a season.  Iowa made a jump this week, which perhaps, makes this weeks game a little more interesting.  This should be the most compelling game for the two teams since NU joined the Big Ten.  Too bad none of these games had a division title on the line.  That will happen soon enough, I'm sure.

Team Prev. Total

Ohio State

1 94
Michigan State 3 88
Wisconsin 2 82
Iowa 6 72
Nebraska 5 67
Minnesota 4 66
Penn State 8 47
Michigan 7 39
Indiana 9 32
Northwestern 10 23
Illinois 11 19
Purdue 12 8

Wait...what's this? Cobby made an appearance after all these weeks? Herw's how the Cobbster "voted" this week:

Team Vote
Iowa 1st
Ohio State I
Wisconsin L
Michigan State O
Minnesota V
Michigan E
Penn State I
Indiana O
Northwestern W
Illinois A
Purdue !
Nebraska 12th

Others Recieving Votes: AND GIN

Oh, geez. I'm sorry you all had to witness this. We've got someone on their way to check on him. Thanksgiving can be a difficult time for corn cobs so short after harvest. All alone out there, left to their own devices... It's sad, really...