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Wednesday's Corn Flakes: Harvey Perlman Speaks On Bo Pelini

Today's links are CHOCK FULL of good stuff. I mean, it's a big one folks. Take a look.

Gregory Shamus

For most of us, today is your Friday. A four day weekend full of Football, shopping, family and relaxation is coming just around the corner. You can make it, can't you? Well of course you can.

Before we get into the links, I would like to point out how a Nebraska staple food became trending on twitter last night.

First, I was on the BHGP Podcast last night with Patrick Vint and Adam Jacobi. At the end, we got talking about how not only you can get a Runza at Runza, but you can get the Nebraska staple of Chili and Cinnamon Rolls, telling Adam that he could ask around for this.

So he did.

The response was full and loud.

The big guns chimed in:

And then the #BOOM was laid.

We even had confirmation!

So, if you know anyone from Iowa and want them to truly have them taste Nebraska cuisine, take them to Runza sometime this weekend and let them sample both the Runza and the Chili/Cinnamon Roll combo.

Now, on to the links....


So, as was alluded to on Monday and finally realized yesterday, Bo Pelini got a contract extension last December, right after the Big Ten Championship Game loss to Wisconsin. The contract runs till February 2018. The buyouts were increased in the contract too. If Bo is fired with cause by the University, he will still be owed $150,000 per month of his deal, the length of the contract making the buyout now more than $7 million dollars.

If Bo was to leave Nebraska for another job, he would owe the University $1 million dollars, which is an increase from the $250,000 he would owe. While it is an increase, it's relatively small compared to most major college HC contracts.

It sounds like Jamal Turner could be ready to go for Friday in this practice report from the LJS. In this piece also, some very interesting comments at the bottom from Tim Beck in regards to the fanbase and their thoughts of injured QB Taylor Martinez.

Speaking of injured QB's...


Nebraska Chancellor Harvey Perlman talked to KFOR's Colby Mach on Tuesday about Bo Pelini and what's on everyone's mind about what to think of Bo's status.

Two things on this... 1) we know where Bo got the word "process" and 2) I can't wait till people on both sides claim victory on this one.

Speaking of Martinez... No matter whether you loved or loathed him during his career in Lincoln, the kid was one tough guy who tried to get better, Sam McKewon writes in the OWH.

After watching Calvin Strong lead Omaha North to a Nebraska Class A title in Memorial Stadium on Tuesday night over Omaha Westside, the question is how CAN'T Nebraska get the kid into Lincoln?

RECRUITING UPDATE: Joe Keels is down to Wisconsin and Nebraska, with a final decision coming soon. So which way is he leaning?

In the end, I think that Wisconsin keeps Keels, but there is a chance.

I'm going to say it and HATERS HATE if you don't like it: If Jordan Lynch isn't at least in NYC for the Heisman Trophy awarding, the system is rigged.

I'm really excited about Levi's Stadium opening in the Bay Area. Having Cal/Oregon there will help too.

After taking the Ohio State Spring Game on the road, Urban Meyer is returning it to Columbus.

One question about this helmet....Why??

Nick Saban's wife says he isn't going to take the Texas job. And I believe them for a litany of reasons. But it won't stop that rumor charade from rolling along.

The list of today's birthdays include Bill Nye, Caroline Kennedy, Roberto Mancini, Jimmy Rollins, and Mike Scioscia.

For your song of the day, since I've given you a lot up top, something easy on the ears.

(thanks Team Coco)

Have a great Wednesday folks.