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Tuesday's Corn Flakes: No Avery Moss For The Bowl Game?

Today's links, with Baseball's signing class, and a defiant Bo Pelini

Not even Roy Helu could save Washington last night.
Not even Roy Helu could save Washington last night.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Couple days to the Holiday weekend. Lets get to the goods.

Who knew back in July that Taylor Martinez and Ron Kellogg III would have this much of a role reversal come Thanksgiving week.

Bo Pelini addressed rumor and such in Monday's presser. Oh yea, he talked about Iowa too.

Congrats to Nebraska kicker Pat Smith on being named the B1G Special Teams POW for his kicks against Penn St. on Saturday.

Avery Moss's legal troubles seem to be ending soon, but it could quite possibly mean he misses the bowl game over it, along with who knows how long.

Darin Erstad and Nebraska Baseball announced their 2014 signing class on Monday, with some studs littered in the whole bunch.

If you're going to the Nebraska/Creighton Women's B-Ball game, now you have a start time.

Nebraska's #1 recruiting target is coming to the Iowa game Friday.

Distracting chipmunk being used by Gophers is distracting.

The uniforms for the Army/Navy game are upon us, and they aren't the worst things you'll see.

Does Wisconsin deserve a BCS bid? It would be easier to argue if they hadn't had that flub vs. Arizona State earlier this year, unfair or not.

Mike Gundy... to Texas? I ain't buying it, really. However, a case can be made about it.

The only good thing about Florida's loss yesterday is here at SBN, we have Spencer Hall to RAEG all about it.

So, last night Washington mailed it in against San Francisco in the second half on MNF, and I kept wondering to myself how Mike Shanahan could really eff up having Robert Griffin III. But then, THEN, Pete Prisco, NFL narrative extraordinaire, made me vomit a touch in my mouth.

You see, Pete thinks the Zone Read/Option offense is a "gimmick" and "True NFL Quarterbacks" don't run that offense. These are the same folks that think Mike Glennon was a better QB than Geno Smith or EJ Manuel.

However, what makes me fry is that you can pick out Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Smith and Manuel and say they are all Spread/Zone Read type of QB's. Furthermore, you can pick out Nick Foles and Michael Vick, who are running Chip Kelly's offense. And yet, no matter what, he ignores the fact that Colin Kapernick, who was having his way with Washington's D all evening long IN THE SAME DAMN GAME GRIFFIN WAS SUCKING WIND IN, got his team to within 2 plays of winning the Super Bowl last year. But Zone Read QB's aren't made for the NFL? Okay then.

This is when you remind yourself that Bill Walsh's West Coast Offense, which is the system in some way that most NFL teams run and have run for a long time, was a "gimmick" in the 80's too.

Off my soapbox now, today is National Cake Day. Those that get a cake for their Birthday today include Harry Carson, Tina Turner, Rich Little, Shawn Kemp and Dale Jarrett.

Today's mood and song? Here ya go:

(thanks FooFightersCollection)

Podcast later today, and some more good stuff as always.

Have a great day folks.