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Corn Flakes: Preview Friday! Nebraska Soccer In NCAA Tournament!

I typically leave the Nebraska links until last. Not so this time.

Today the soccer team continues their run in the NCAA tournament in a game at 2:00 pm against Boston College. You can watch the game online here. There is no subscription required. If you're a soccer fan, you can also watch Illinois vs Portland here.

Volleyball is at Purdue at 6:00 pm on, the digital Big Ten Network that requires a subscription.

The men's basketball team will take on UAB in the consolation bracket of the Charleston Classic at 11:00 am. That game will be on ESPN3 for those lucky enough to have access.


Bo Pelini: Eichorst gives support; ‘don’t read anything into’ USA Today quotes |

Apparently Nebraska coach Bo Pelini’s comments in a Wednesday USA Today article caused enough of an uproar in the media — mainstream and Internet message boards — that Pelini was asked to clarify his thoughts after Thursday’s practice.

At this point, Pelini can't say anything without causing an uproar. Maybe if he came to your house and did your dishes for a week he'd be okay, but probably, you'd just complain he wasn't coaching or recruiting or coming up with innovative defensive schemes.

Some think Shawn Eichorst should issue a statement supporting Pelini. If he did, it'd be widely criticized and mostly provide laughing fodder for other teams. If he doesn't, well, he clearly doesn't support Pelini. The only thing Nebraska can do is win football games. That's it. Everything else is a lose-lose all around.

Steven M. Sipple: Perlman has presided over decade of football tumult : Latest Husker News

Nebraska chancellor Harvey Perlman essentially has orchestrated a campus renaissance since taking the job in 2000. We've seen it in various forms, including massive increases in federal research grants and more and more of the state's brightest students heading to Lincoln instead of to out-of-state universities.

In short, we've seen UNL's national academic stature on the rise -- which, by the way, made the Huskers more attractive to the Big Ten. Perlman, of course, played a critical role in that move. Elsewhere in the sporting realm, Perlman has endured his share of misfires.

Costly misfires.

We broach the subject because once again he is deeply involved in helping determine the fate of a Nebraska football coach, in this case Bo Pelini. This factoid raises eyebrows: If Pelini is terminated, Perlman would have the unprecedented distinction of presiding over the firing of three head football coaches. Frank Solich in 2003 and Bill Callahan in 2007 were the other casualties.

We had a rather lively debate in yesterday's Corn Flakes about this subject. It's worth discussing. As a Nebraska alum, I think Harvey Perlman has done a lot of good things for the university, but Sipple does make some darned good points about his involvement in the football program.

If nothing else, you should conclude two things. First, these guys are lousy at negotiating contracts. Second, if they're this lousy with athletic contracts, what are they negotiating for the rest of the university?

Huskers Finish Preparing for Penn State - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

With the Huskers banged up along the offensive line, the head coach discussed the development of sophomore guards Givens Price and Ryne Reeves. Pelini said both players have made excellent strides in recent weeks and are headed for bright futures in the Nebraska program.

We're going to need these guys as mainline dudes next season. You'd hope that will all the injuries that the younger linemen will be getting plenty of experience this year for a good run next year.

NU Opens Strong at Big Red Invitational - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
The No. 1 rated Nebraska bowling team started its weekend of competition off at the Big Red Invitational held in Lincoln at Sun Valley Lanes Thursday evening.

Brief Interviews With Hideous Men: Corn Edition - Black Shoe Diaries
A veritable tidal wave of gaudy red washes over Happy Valley this Saturday. Devon spoke to Corn Nation about it.

Big Ten

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Jacobi's busy, but have no fear: Vint will answer your questions.

Game Eleven: Michigan at Iowa (11/23/2013) - Maize n Brew
This will be the most Big Ten game ever most likely, a defensive struggle filled with many punts and odd Kirk Ferentz decisions. Michigan must sustain itself offensively and avoid mistakes in an unfriendly stadium.

Illinois At Purdue 2013: A Q&A With The Champaign Room - Hammer and Rails
Brandon Birkhead talks about the Fighting Illini in advance of the Battle for the Cannon.

Behind Enemy Lines: A Q&A With Hammer And Rails - The Champaign Room
Purdue's SB Nation Blog joins us for this week's Q&A.

Game Week Q&A: Sippin' on Purple - The Only Colors

Checking in on Northwestern.

Previewing MSU at Northwestern - The Only Colors

MSU looks to clinch a trip to Indianapolis.

How Northwestern will lose every game from now until 2015 - Sippin' On Purple
We looked into the future, and we saw horrible things.

Minnesota Football: Models and Bottles! - Wisconsin - The Daily Gopher
HATE WEEK 2.0 predictions are in. Let's say we just forget about the math and focus more on the hate, mmmmmk?

The Daily Gopher Hangout Hate Week 2.0 - The Daily Gopher
Hate Week 2.0 is here and a few of us talk about this weekend's game, the cold, recruiting and a little basketball. We literally had almost dozens (OK almost a dozen) of online viewers life, we...

Minnesota Football: Wisconsin Fans are Better than Minnesota Fans- Just ask Them - The Daily Gopher

It's Border Battle Week which means listening to Wisconsin football fans tell us how great they are. But are they?

Wisconsin bracing for cold weather at Minnesota - Bucky's 5th Quarter

After Thursday's practice, head coach Gary Andersen talked about dealing with cold weather during Saturday's game and announced that Dan Voltz will likely make his third straight start at center.

They're expecting about 20 degree weather. Remember that when you're extolling the virtues of Big Ten November night games.

Wisconsin vs. Minnesota 2013: The start of something beautiful - Bucky's 5th Quarter
The Wisconsin-Minnesota rivalry is about to get really fun, so embrace the excitement, not the hate.

OTE Staff Picks, Week 13 - Off Tackle Empire

Paul Bunyan's Axe, The Slapfight to End All Slapfights, and more


NCAA Football Toxic Differential - Week 12 - Cowboys Ride For Free

Big plays are a huge part of college football - but do they equal success?

Interesting concept. Nebraska is pretty far down the list, but you probably already knew that.

K-State Q&A: Oklahoma - Bring On The Cats
Settle in for a little cross-border dialogue between Wildcat and Sooner.

College football F/+ picks: Week 13 - Football Study Hall
Football Outsiders picks and projections for Week 13 of the 2013 college football season.

The Increasing Size of College Football Players - Football Study Hall

A recent study has outlined the size increase in college football players over the past seven decades.

Jameis Winston Isn't The Only Problem Here: An FSU Teacher's Lament

We love the game. We love the players, too, even when they scare us.

This isn't good for FSU, obviously. You should read it.

There's been a fair number of Nebraska fans who think the University of Nebraska should hire Jim Tressel because he's a winner. Apparently they do not care or are willing to overlook the fact that Tressel wasn't just a one-time cheater, but a two-time cheater (Youngstown State), and if you look around the internet, you'll find his history.

If UNL hires a coach like Jim Tressel you can expect articles like the Deadspin article above written about Nebraska. You either run a program the right way, or you expect this kind of coverage. If that doesn't bother you, I don't know what to say to you, except get the hell out of here. The University of Nebraska is one of the state's greatest assets. Tarnish it, and you harm the state, not just your ego that isn't getting fed properly because we're not winning enough football games.

Also. One of the most glorious things about today's internet is trolling another fan base to the point that they start to accept your trolling as a valid viewpoint. I'm not going to take the time to back trace it, but I have to believe that this "Tressel to Nebraska" thing was started by fans of other football teams. I believe that mostly because I don't want to believe that Nebraska fans would be that foolish.