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Corn Nation Power Poll: Week 13

David McGee

Well, this is interesting.  We had almost no movement in this week's poll.  The only difference is that Minnesota and Nebraska are no longer tied for fourth place.  Minnesota gets the nod this week after the Huskers fell to Michigan State, and the Hawkeyes are nipping at the heels of Big Red. Barring some major upsets, the hierarchy of the conference has become clear.

Team Prev Total
Ohio State (10) 1 131
Wisconsin 2 117
Michigan State (1) 3 115
Minnesota 4 96
Nebraska 4 84
Iowa 6 81
Michigan 7 64
Penn State 8 53
Indiana 9 47
Northwestern 10 33
Illinois 11 26
Purdue 12 11

No more bye weeks for anyone as we head into the final stretch of the season. There isn't much left to be settled. Michigan State just needs to not lose the last two games of the season and they'll find themselves in Indy. A Minnesota loss would do the trick, too, but they seem to have forgotten how to do that. Same goes for Ohio State: Assuming they don't fall flat on their face, they'll be facing the Spartans. The intrigue is mostly gone for the Big Ten at this point, it's just jockeying for bowl position.