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Wednesday's Corn Flakes: Just How Broke Are Special Teams?

Today's links on whether Mack Brown is really on the hot seat, as well as Maryland having to probably pay the full ACC exit fee to become B1G.

"Charlie Brown"
"Charlie Brown"
David McGee/CN

Welcome to the middle of the week. Thanksgiving plans yet? I have to work the Cowboys/Raiders game, but I'm so used to it, it doesn't bother me.

What do you all think of these stores that are opening up early on Thanksgiving? Seems like a lot of folks are upset about it, in that the holiday is for doing holiday things with your family. I get their point, but if the American market keeps making it worthwhile money wise for folks, then they will do it.

That's all I got on that, if you think I'm right or wrong, leave it in the comments. On to your daily links.

From the LJS, Darnell Dickson says that Nebraska is trying to right the wrongs that are happening on Special Teams. Meanwhile, Taariq Allen is trying to make it back from that torn ACL in these notes.

Tom Shatel at the OWH is foaming at the mouth for all the Huskers bowl possibilities. Sam McKewon and Jon Nyatawa talk about the AD's advertising of Ameer Abdullah for post-season awards. Also in that piece is the thought of Randy Gregory heading to the NFL sometime in the near future.

Here's video of Michigan State last week, leading up to and into the locker room at the end of the game.

For those of you that look forward to them, here are the official game notes from both the Penn State AD's office, as well as Nebraska's set for this week.

Nice piece at BT Powerhouse about Nebrasketball "gunner" Ray Gallegos.

According to a Texas "booster", Mack Brown isn't in any sort of trouble at the end of the year. Mmmhmm. THEN WHY NICKY SABAN'S WIFE IN AUSTIN LOOKING AT HOUSES AND EATIN SALT LICK BBQ PAWWWWLLL??

Well, color me shocked that Maryland's exit fee lawsuit from the ACC wouldn't be dismissed. I wonder how much more Delany is going to ask from everyone.

A couple notable decommits yesterday. Jaleel Wadood, who is a Nebraska target, dropped his Cal verbal but will probably be UCLA bound instead. Meanwhile Viane Talamaivao likes the job that Ed Orgeron has done at USC so much, he got rid of his Bama verbal and pledged his love for the Trojans.

I got to admit, Texas Tech has arguably been the best CFB team outside of Oregon with alternate uniforms this year. This version of their Lone Star getup for this weekend's Texas game isn't too shabby either.

Ohio State will take these... things... into Ann Arbor for their annual tussle with Michigan. I dig the jerseys, but the pants have a... well....

For us College Football sickos, here's the Division 2 and Division 3 playoff brackets and schedules.

Today's birthdays include Joe Biden, Joe Walsh, Bo Derek, Dick Smothers, and Dierks Bentley.

Today is Globally Organized Hug A Runner Day, as well as National Absurdity Day and National Peanut Butter Fudge Day.

Who doesn't remember Matthew Sweet? Did you know he was born in Lincoln? I remember when he opened for (I think) Soul Asylum in Pershing in (again, I think) 1996. This is the song everyone knows him by for the most part.

(thanks ClearValleyFrost)

Enjoy your day folks.