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Post Game Celebration Thread: Huskers 27 NW 24

Holy moley! You gotta believe!

Ohhhhhhhhhhh YES!!!!
Ohhhhhhhhhhh YES!!!!
Eric Francis

Holy Moley!

What an incredible finish

go big red

Update: The story of this thread...

I haven’t heard from Jon since about 1 pm..he was trying to find a parking spot. I’m assuming his phone has died.

I checked my e-mail shortly after Armstrong’s last interception, and pretty much everybody on the CN team is unavailable for one reason or another to post this thread.

So there I am, in north stadium with a new iPhone…trying to figure out how to post on CN with the darn thing. Finally get it started, with “Post Game Thread: NW 24, Huskers 21”, once the Blackshirts force the field goal.

Yeah, I wasn’t terribly optimistic. I tried to explain that Jon and I were at the game, so this was a quick thread. “Boy, that sucked. Keep it clean, everybody.”

So there it was, on my phone. Waiting for the inevitable to occur.

Only to have the incredible occur instead. Once I had kind of regained my senses (well, relatively), I suddenly realized that I needed something for the post game thread. And, of course, everything I had written was now inaccurate.

So I quickly wrote whatever I could…as best I could do with the adrenline pumping into my hands.

Hopefully Jon is OK…we still haven’t heard from him…