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Detasseling The Huskers: Episode 55

Greg and Brian talk about the post-MSU state of the program, along with a bunch of other things that take their attention to it.

I hope they were still friends after the game..
I hope they were still friends after the game..
Eric Francis

Lots to discuss in this week's episode after a five-turnover performance against Michigan State.

But before we get to talking about the Huskers, we discuss Black Friday. And during the Husker discussion, somehow Waffle House makes an appearance in the conversation.

We take your questions, that his week revolve around the coaching staff.

And we look briefly ahead to Penn State.


We want to thank Jon Slaga and CN's own Derek Hernandez for their tweets for the podcast today,.

We always make the call on Monday's for questions for the DtH podcast, so make sure to keep your eyes and ears out on either Greg or Brian's twitter machines for the call for your question for the podcast!