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Cobs of the Week: Nebraska Freshmen, B1G Referees, Husker Fans Choosing Frost or Tressel, Cal, Texas

Matthew Stockman

Well, when Nebraska loses, it's almost automatic that Nebraska sees a heavy representation in the nominations for the worst of the weekend in college football. So, let's just get this out of the way:

Nebraska Freshmen

A great performance by Ameer Abdullah and the offensive line was laid to waste by five turnovers from Husker freshmen. Those five turnovers became 24 points and became a hole that was just about impossible to dig out of.

B1G Referees

Nebraska didn't lose this game because of the referees, but referee Don Capron's crew didn't exactly help things any. Pick your faults: Missed clips on a Michigan State punt return, repeatedly spotting the ball a yard off of where the previous play ended, and a missed intentional grounding penalty. Didn't really matter, because Michigan State fans can also complain about several plays as well.

Husker Fans Campaigning for Scott Frost and Jim Tressel

Some Husker fans have already given up on Bo Pelini and are now campaigning for a successor. The two craziest ideas out there are Oregon offensive coordinator Scott Frost and disgraced former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel. Frost is a former Husker, which makes him a sentimental choice. That's fine. But he's still in his first season as an offensive coordinator. He might make a great head coach somewhere down the line. Not in 2014.

Jim Tressel is even more ludicrous. Oh, yes...he's a winner. A winner with a record of NCAA violations dating back to 1988 at Youngstown State. Tattoo-gate was just the final straw that exposed everything. And just for the sake of argument, let's say that Nebraska hires him. The NCAA's penalty against Tressel still applies; he still needs to sit out the first five weeks of the season and is banned from a bowl game and conference championship game. So an interim head coach would still be needed for a road game at #15 Fresno State and a home game against Miami of Florida. His first game would be against Michigan State.

And, of course, about the time Penn State emerges from their NCAA sanctions, Nebraska would almost certainly be under NCAA investigation for Tressel's latest shenanigans...and Tressel's history of violations at Ohio State and Youngstown State would be considered as part of the sanctions Nebraska would inevitably face. Repeat violations? Most certainly. Lack of institutional control? Hiring Jim Tressel would certainly prove that.


Colorado 41, Cal 24. 'Nuff said.


Oklahoma State 38, Texas 13.

West Virginia

Kansas had gone over 1000 days since winning a conference game. Ending that has to be Cob worthy...