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Thursday's Corn Flakes: The Return Of The Option To Nebraska

Today's news on another visitor for MSU, as well as ANOTHER DAMN OFFENSIVE LINE INJURY.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to your Thursday morning.

Something I noticed as I was about ready to write this.. Has anyone checked out the weather forecast for Saturday? It's not looking pretty at all. Right now, you better take a poncho and some good gear that will keep your skin dry. Of course, it's subject to change, but I would think that both Defenses will be hoping for a slosh fest.

Anyhow, since I do weather predictions like Roosevelt E. Roosevelt, lets get to the morning links shall we?

We had a massive amount of content yesterday at CN. Mike's MSU preview, The CN B1G Power Poll, some Nebrasketball recruiting news, and the DtH Podcast, a little late but better than never. Finally, we found out the MSU/Nebraska coverage map for this Saturday.

If you're a metrics guy, here are the numbers from Michigan/Nebraska this last weekend from SBN's Football Study Hall.

The boys over at MGoBlog did a dissertation of Nebraska's D versus Michigan's O. Remember when Nebraska stated they knew what was coming by the formation? The MGoBlog guys think they have a point.

The guys over at The Only Colors did a Q and A with the CornNation staff. Fair to say, I don't think they get Cobby BUT THEN AGAIN WHO REALLY DOES??!?

The Offense is being led by a stud in Tommy Armstrong Jr, Brian Christopherson of the LJS says. Meanwhile, Michael Rose says the D is ready for the challenge of Sparty's O.

The Omaha WH talks about the return of the Option to the Nebraska O.

Well, this doesn't help things...

However, on more positive news, another visitor this weekend!

Keys is a kid who will have a 3 years to play 2. It sounds like he's a Arkansas lean, but who knows what could happen when he sees the possibility to play immediately next year.

TMZ came out with a story on Florida State QB Jameis Winston and how he's involved in a sexual battery from almost a year ago. This whole story is shady in that it's taken this long, and Winston himself isn't even named in the police report.

For those of you that think Art Briles is just going to pick up and split from Waco for the UT job, Baylor just made that a whole lot tougher.

Will Muschamp gets the "vote of confidence". Will Muschamp is gone, folks.

The whole Vanderbilt rape case that's been going since this Summer may start to get dicey, folks.

Today's birthdays include Yanni, Travis Barker, Josh Duhamel, Prince Charles, Condi Rice, and Curt Schilling.

Today is National Loosen and Lighten Up Day, as well as National Pickle Day, and Spicy Guacamole Day.

Today's song? It was either Barker's Blink 182 or Yanni.

(thanks Blink182Vevo)

Enjoy your day folks.