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DeTasseling The Huskers: Episode 54

Greg and Brian release episode 54 and let you in on the secret to De-Tasseling the Spartans.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Episode 54 is a day late (thankful it's not two days).

The guys start off this week's show with: a heated discussion about Grammar Nazis. You know what they are. You might even have some in your family...IN YOUR HOUSE...on this podcast?!?


So after the discussion about grammar nazis and the general decay of western civilization and the English language, the guys take your questions:

Can Nebraska's offense overcome Michigan State's defense?

Also, is it ok for Tommy Armstrong to be the ONLY quarterback? (YES WE KNOW HE'S JUST A FRESHMAN!!!)

A few words about Tim Miles' 300th career win as a head coach, and a brief overview of Nebrasketball early on.

Also - how about that Husker women's soccer team?

So kick back, relax, and enjoy Episode 54 of De-Tasseling the Huskers.

</span><a href="" target="_blank">Greg</a><span> or </span><a href="" target="_blank">Brian</a><span> on </span><a href="" target="_blank">Corn Nation</a><span>. </span></p>
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