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Corn Nation Power Poll: Week 12

Nebraska's win in Michigan solidified themselves in the top five of the league and has the chance to move higher this week. It seems like everything is starting to fall into place in the Big Ten, but something strange seems to happen every week. What will it be this week?

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Ten becomes more topsy turvy by the week.  Minnesota's climbing their way up the rankings by continuing to win games. Michigan State and Wisconsin are in a a battle for the second spot in the league.  Michigan and Penn State have struggled to live up to the expectations that each program bears and have dropped in the rankings as each week passes.  Nebraska and Michigan State have opportunities to make big statements this week.

Team Prev. Total
Ohio State (10) 1 131
Wisconsin 2 117
Michigan State (1) 3 115
Minnesota 6 92
Nebraska 7 92
Iowa 5 73
Michigan 4 62
Penn State 8 57
Indiana 10 50
Northwestern 9 38
Illinois 11 23
Purdue 12 11