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Monday's Corn Flakes: Veterans Day Kicks Off Another Big Game Week

Today's links about TA2 and what he has to do against Sparty, as well as a couple big business ventures to talk about.

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Veterans Day. Where we remember those who have and are serving us here and abroad.

Big week for football? As Nebraska keeps winning, they ALL become basically win or stay home scenarios, even with a win against Michigan State this weekend. There's no reason to think that Sparty won't win against Northwestern, and if they do end up beating Nebraska this weekend, Minnesota will play MSU for the right to go to Indy to play THE Ohio State it looks like.

Here are your links for the morning.

We normally don't lead off with Soccer, but when you are Big Ten Tourney Champions, that is a legit reason. Matter of fact, when the worst result of your week is second place in Indiana for your season opening tournament (Bowling), that's a pretty good weekend for your Athletic Department.

Randy Gregory and his game this weekend (which should make him B1G Defensive POW, at the very least) is making teams notice that he's becoming a monster.

Steve Sipple at the LJS says that it's up to Tommy Armstrong Jr to win the game against Michigan State's defense.

Tom Shatel at the OWH says this was the biggest win of Bo's career so far. I don't think I agree with that, only because 2010's win against a #7 ranked Mizzou is bigger, but then again, this week's game is a bigger quality game with a ton more (division title) on the line.

Sam McKewon talks about how Michigan was the type of win that folks pay to see when they go on the road with Big Red.

This week, the opposing blog is The Only Colors, the MSU SBNation community. You all are going to play nice with them, yes?

Our friends from the Michigan blogs are taking this weekend pretty hard.

Keep your plans for Tempe, folks. And call your OKC friends.

The OT win for Texas in Morgantown Saturday night was pretty costly, as they lose 2 big pieces for the season.

I know a lot of folks were hoping that College Gameday was going to come to Lincoln this week, but ESPN chose the Stanford/USC game otherwise.

Minnesota is ranked. Let that soak in.

If you missed anything from the Big Ten Basketball opening weekend, hit up the Story Stream at BT Powerhouse to catch right up.

In news you probably missed, Fox Sports sold to former Yahoo head honcho Bob Pittman and his new start up. Nothing against Scout, but they are the one service I don't check on recruiting pieces. Lets hope they get a big boost.

Meanwhile, SBNation's parent company Vox Media has acquired the Curbed Network, adding in the Curbed, Racked, and Eater brand names under the Vox umbrella with SBN, Polygon, and The Verge.

Today's birthdays include Leonardo DiCaprio, Victor Cruz, Demi Moore, Mark Sanchez, Calista Flockhart, and Marc Summers.

Along with Veterans Day, it's also National Sundae Day as well as Origami Day.

Your song? Going country today.

(Thanks JMichaelMontgomery)

Cobs coming up this morning, and I'm working on (FINALLY) getting a recruiting update for you all. Not much has been happening with the 2014 class, but there are things that are starting to make the horizon light up.

Have a great day everyone.