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Cobs of the Week: Ron English, MAC Referees, Oklahoma, Miami, and Al Borges

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This is one of those week's where we might not mind going off the board and exiting the world of college football for coming up with candidates for worst of the week. Richie Incognito, anybody? How about BT Powerhouse, who's decided the star of Friday night's opening night of basketball at Pinnacle Bank Arena was Florida Gulf Coast.

Or Iowa basketball, who trailed Nebraska-Omaha most of the afternoon.

But no, we vote for the worst of the weekend in college football. So what's the worst of this weekend?

Ron English

You may not have heard of Ron English before. Chances are, you won't hear about him in the future after he was fired for a profanity-laced tirade against his team.

That's why I have no respect for the players that went here, I have no f****** respect for you b****. I have no respect for you little quittin'-ass b****. That's why you got your ass kicked, quitter. That's what I call y'all, all little f***ers. Mother******, I don't need to respect you, I don't give a f*** about you, b****. There, it's true. I don't f***** care about complainers, cause you mother****** are quitters. Gotta get out mother*******. I don't give a f*** about you, b****.

MAC Referees

Only in #MACtion could this be considered a safety. Or maybe the Greg Burks alternate reality.

Scratch that about Burks. Burks would have added a targeting penalty on Ohio quarterback Tyler Tettleton for leading with the helmet in going after the referee.


The OU-fense was absolutely OU-ful against Baylor. Or should I say the 0U-fense was 0u-ful, with the zeros.


Just over a week ago, the Hurricanes were a Top Ten team. Now, two blowout losses later... um... not so much.

Al Borges

The Michigan offensive coordinator offended nearly every Weasel fan with his game plan this week. When Nebraska holds you to fewer yards than Michigan State did, things are going in the wrong direction. That's why Northwestern, who's winless in B1G games this season, opened as a three point favorite over Michigan.