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Corn Nation Power Poll: Week 6

David McGee

Welcome to October and conference play.  Each team has made it's way through at least one conference game and the rankings are starting to take shape.  The CN writers again joined forces to rate how we see the conference shaping up.  It's taken us six weeks, but we have our first consensus at the top.  In fact, our top 3 remained the same as last week.  The rating of Penn State and Indiana will likely raise some eyebrows, but Indiana was our biggest riser of the week.

Team Prev Total
Ohio State (9) 1 108
Northwestern 2 94
Wisconsin 3 89
Michigan 5 80
Nebraska 4 74
Michigan State 8 67
Penn State 6 48
Indiana 11 45
Iowa 7 40
Illinois 9 29
Minnesota 10 19
Purdue 12 9