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Cobs Of The Week: West Virginia, David Pollack, Big XII, LeMonnier & His Crew, Bo Pelini, and Pig Howard

West Virginia and Tennessee's Pig Howard get nominated for play on the field, while a bunch of adults get nominated for suckage surrounding the game.

Yes, I know DeLoss won't be happy.  But just look at that play.  It's a fumble!
Yes, I know DeLoss won't be happy. But just look at that play. It's a fumble!
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sport

Another big weekend of college football, and plenty of candidates for the worst of the weekend. And this weekend, we're seeing major suckage outside of the teams actually playing. So while we're going to nominate West Virginia for getting Hologorized by Baylor, we've got too much suckage elsewhere to ignore.

West Virginia

Well, you tried against Baylor at least. I guess.

Big XII Commissioner's Office

After the Iowa State/Texas game, the conference reacted as they always do to the awarding of the game to Texas. First, Big XII Supervisor of Football Officials piped up on Friday.

And then there was the cheap shot by Texas wide receiver Mike Davis on Iowa State's Deon Broomfield:

And sometimes people still wonder if Nebraska actually misses the Big XII.

Bill LeMonnier and the rest of his B1G Officiating Crew

Pick your mistake: calling Jared Afalava for hitting Nathan Scheelhaase late - before he went out of bounds. Missing Illinois' horse-collar tackle of Imani Cross. Flagging Kenny Bell for unsportsmanlike conduct. Ignoring the blatant holding by the Illinois offensive line. And refusing to allow Nebraska to match Illinois' offensive subsitutions. Or just say "all of the above".

Bo Pelini & John Papuchis

Yell at the refs the first time that they don't allow you to substitute. Maybe the second time. But eventually, just accept that's the way this game is going to be called. Don't like it? Take it up with the conference office after the game. Meanwhile, dial back the subsitutions and play your eleven. There's no excuse for continually getting flagged for illegal participation.

Pig Howard

Coaches hate it when their running backs try to stretch the ball over the goal line. They really hate it when you fumble the ball.

They hate it even more when it results in no points. I can only imagine what they think when it happens in overtime and you lose.

David Pollock

During a discussion about the makeup of the committee football playoff committee, ESPN College Gameday's David Pollock inserted his foot into his colon via his big mouth in saying that women (such as Condi Rice) shouldn't be on the committee.

Some of his associates and former associates want to have a few words with him:

So what's your vote for the worst of this weekend in college football?