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Corn Flakes: Husker Defense Needs Time To Mature

Your list of Friday reads. The two hardest things to coach? Responsibility and accountability. Those take time, whether you want to believe it or not.

Dilip Vishwanat

Experience matters for Illini QB, Husker D - ESPN

Only time can close the experience gap for Pelini’s youthful defenders. And time, it seems, is running thin for the Blackshirts, with three October games to grow up before a difficult November stretch arrives. For now, it’s about surviving Scheelhaase, the one-time Husker recruiting prospect out of Kansas City, Mo., who has enjoyed a rebirth this season in operating the Illinois offense.

Mitch Sherman's statement is about as clear as you can get about where our beloved Husker defense is right now. We all want to hit the EASY button and have it fixed right now.

It's the scheme. It's execution. It's lack of leadership. The players need to play harder. The coaches need to coach harder.

None of these things can be taken care of quickly. All of them requiring learning and just as importantly, the realization by each member of a team that they are personally responsible for making them happen.

The two hardest things to coach? Responsibility and accountability.

Those two need to happen for every member of the staff and team before you get to execution and schemes. If you're a parent, you don't need to be told how much work it is to get this to happen. If you're in management, you know the same.

And if you're someone's child, you need to be more honest with yourself about how far you've come in life and then realize that this is a coaching staff trying to get this to happen with a whole bunch of young people at one time.

Our theme for this weekend? Survive and advance.

The alternative is terrifying.

Big Ten

Previewing MSU at Iowa - The Only Colors
From the Michigan State perspective.

Dispatches from Blogfrica: The Only Colors Talks Iowa-Michigan State Football - Black Heart Gold Pants
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Ohio State-Northwestern: Bucks no strangers to ESPN's College GameDay - Land-Grant Holy Land

Northwestern's players seem excited about the "College GameDay" crew's plans to broadcast live from Evanston this Saturday, but their inexperience with the spotlight may be a distraction.

Seem farfetched? I thought so too, when I first saw this, but LGHL may be on to something.

Indiana Football vs. Penn State: Game Preview - The Crimson Quarry
The Hoosiers play host to the Penn State Nittany Lions as they try and get back on track in the Leaders division. Win this and we're looking at a 4 way tie for second behind Ohio State in overall record.


Week 5 Drive-Point Efficiency Ratings - Football Study Hall
To further illustrate the correlation between quadrant and win/loss record I am now using the size of the marker to illustrate a team's win/loss record. Larger is better - by our own Paul Dalen.

The eye of Texas: Inside the Longhorn Network as it continues to enter uncharted television territory -
Inside the Longhorn Network as it continues to enter uncharted television territory. This is a longform article. I'll be honest, I haven't had time to read it, but if you wanted to know anything about the LHN, here you go.

GIF: Did Texas fumble this ball away to Iowa State? -

Texas took a 31-30 lead in Ames with seconds left, two plays after appearing to cough the ball up to Iowa State.

You missed a disaster if you didn't see the game last night between Iowa State and Texas. It was a pretty decent game, then it appeared that Iowa State made a goal line stand, stripping the ball and running for a touchdown (although the ISU linebacker never finished his run to the end zone).

NO NO NO - Big 12 refs rule that... well, I don't know exactly what they did rule. They apparently ruled the runner down because his forward progress stopped, but they reviewed the play, and "down by forward progress" is not a reviewable play.

Iowa State made plenty of mistakes (why go for a field goal to go up six late when a six-point lead doesn't do all that much good), but you know damned well that they're never going to get the benefit of a call when they're playing Texas.

The Big 12 looked inept and, honestly, corrupt. One more reason for us to be glad where we are - far away from them.

Iowa State's Paul Rhoads went off on Big 12 officials after loss to Texas -
I imagine Rhoads will get more of a reprimand than the officiating crew. Big 12 justice.

Even old Dollar Bill Byrne commented on the game. Calls Texas "tu", lowercase. The hate remains strong.

Five Questions: Stanford - UW Dawg Pound

This week's topics include Kevin Hogan, slowing down Bishop Sankey, big plays from wideouts, the coaching matchup, and whether or not the Huskies can put their man pants on.

Stanford vs Washington preview - because I know that ALL of you will still be cognizant late Saturday night and watching that game.

Opponent Blogger Q&A: Testudo Times - Tomahawk Nation

Alex Kirshner of Testudo Times drops by to answer Tomahawk Nation's questions ahead of Saturday's match-up between the 'Noles and Terps.

This is a compelling game. Maryland is a helluva lot better than anyone expected.


Behind Enemy Lines: A Q&A With Corn Nation - The Champaign Room

The CN crew answered a bunch of questions from our Illinois site, including 'Why is Bo Pelini such an asshole?".

Nebraska's Randy Gregory Hopes He Can Take Out Scheelhaase - The Champaign Room

Nebraska defensive end Randy Gregory doesn't just want to sack Nathan Scheelhaase he's hoping he can "take him out" too.

The Fighting Illini ain't none too happy with Gregory's comment.

Husker defense still in search of assertive leaders -

The coaches know vocal leadership could help the unit reach its potential.

It's not a good sign when we're still looking (desperately) for defensive leaders. Again, time.

Nebraska vs Illinois: Tommy Armstrong To Start - Corn Nation
Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong will get the start against Illinois, while David Santos will start at MIKE linebacker.

Huskers Return Home to Host Minnesota, Wisconsin - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
A couple of huge games this weekend for the Husker volleyball team. #10 Nebraska vs #8 Minnesota. Wisconsin is ranked #23. At least they're at the Devaney. Tonight's game against Minnesota will be on BTN.

UConn No. 1 in USA Today Sports Preseason Poll - UConn women's basketball

Nebraska starts at #11 in the preseason poll! That's good news, isn't it? (Wanted to end positive).