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Thursday's Corn Flakes: No More Releasing the Wullenwaber

The morning tidbits, including new NCAA recruiting rules and saying goodbye to College Football's most famous tarp.

Your WS MVP, everyone.
Your WS MVP, everyone.
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

The last day of October, otherwise known as Halloween. Dressing up as anything tonight? I haven't dressed up in a costume since I was 15. Let's just say that's a long time.

Here are your links for the day.

Jon Nyatawa at the OWH tell us that it sounds like a revolving door for the Linebacking crew, especially after this last weekend.

The LJS's Brian Rosenthal talks about Kain Colter and how he is looking to go 2 for 3 against the Huskers in his Northwestern career.

In this Hail Varsity piece, we learn that Tommy Armstrong Jr will make the start at QB for Nebraska versus Northwestern. Also, Jared Afalava is out for this game, for what sounds like disciplinary reasons.

Nebrasketball is picked to finish LAST in the Big Ten Basketball race? BULLOCKS I SAY.

Big win for Husker Volleyball last night, and CN's David McGee got all the visual evidence of it.

Bad news for a fave name for myself and a good Wide Receiver.

The NCAA passed five new recruiting rules that will go into effect immediately. The one that will affect Nebraska tremendously is the bigger bowl season dead period. This will give the Huskers only really three weeks after the Iowa weekend, and four weeks before NSD to use a majority of their visits and to fill out their class for this year. However, the weight training rule and such for the summer is a good one to have in there.

There was College Football on Tuesday night, as Cincinnati got bowl eligible by defeating Memphis 34-21.

RIP to the Baylor Tarp.

Northern Illinois came out with some kick ass Military uniforms for their November 13th game. Also? BLACK UNI OMG.

A former Oregon player was shocked and appalled by his fan base. His response wasn't really ideal.

The Maryland AD who suckered carefully got Maryland into the Big Ten may be leaving for Texas.

Wyoming fired Defensive Coordinator Chris Tormey on Tuesday.

I wouldn't necessarily say that Northwestern fans are in a positive frame of mind right now, heading into the Nebraska game. That being said, the Sippin on Purple folks think they have a chance this Saturday because, well.. "Nebraska sucks"

Boston finished off the St. Louis Cardinals on Wednesday night, and the Red Sox are your World Series Champs. At this time, we would like to congratulate the Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros for having a chance to win next year's title. It'll end by May 1, but embrace it right now, folks.

Birthdays on Halloween? That includes Rob Schneider, Vanilla Ice, Nick Saban, Dan Rather, and Mike Napoli.

Today's song will fit the theme of the day easily.

(thanks MichaelJacksonVevo)

Enjoy the day, everyone.