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Q&A with Former Nebraska Defensive End Adam Carriker

Corn Nation asks former Nebraska standout and current Washington Redskins defensive lineman about his rehab, his radio show, the direction of the football program under Bo Pelini.


Take a breather from all the drama surrounding the Pelini clan this week and catch up with former Blackshirt and current Washington Redskins defensive lineman Adam Carriker.

I ask Adam about his rehab, his future in radio, Bo Pelini's leaked tirade, the direction of the Husker football program and more. We even discuss WCW/WWE legend Bill Goldberg. Our friends at Cageside Seats are jealous.

Q: How is the rehab going?

A: I rehab three times a day for an average of 2.5 hours per session and we're making progress.

Q: How dominant is the Nebraska Cornhuskers' influence in the Redskins' locker room?

A: We have the advantage, but I wouldn't call it dominant.

Q: Other than your current teammates, whom do you most remain in contact with from the Huskers?

A: I'd say a good deal of people, especially through Facebook.

Q: One of the most interesting storylines in your division this past offseason was the Eagles' hiring of Chip Kelly. Do you think his style of offense will be successful in the NFL?

A: I think it has the potential to be very good.

Q: Your 4th & Pain radio show has been a great success. Are you looking for a bigger role in radio after your playing days are over?

A: Absolutely. All I've ever wanted to do in my life is play football, for the first time in my life I have something I would like to do when my playing days are over.

Q: Who has been your favorite interview on 4th & Pain?

A: Goldberg is my favorite interview. He has been on probably about 10 times, is a good friend and played d-line for both Georgia and the Falcons, so he loves football as much if not more than wrestling.

Q: If you were hired on as a consultant at TNA Wrestling, what changes would you make?

A: TNA needs to remove the old wrestlers and the wrestlers that have been fired from WWE. Right now TNA looks like the place where old wrestlers and WWE rejects go to either die or rejuvenate their careers. They should keep Sting because he is the only big time wrestler who has never worked for WWE and therefore makes him very prestigious. They need to elevate their own young talent and develop their own, "new" brand.

Q: In your opinion, what would be the perfect payoff to the "Best for Business" storyline currently running in the WWE?

A: The best payoff would be to finally give Daniel Bryan the belt. This storyline has been successful, but now it's played out, just end it already.

Q: You've been known to cut a mean promo or two, how would you grade Bo Pelini's tirade that was leaked right after his team's loss to UCLA last month?

A: I think it's no different that things you hear said every day by normal people, or every day in a normal work place in a private setting like that. Like I say, HBO is more real life than what you see on cable TV and especially these so-called real-life shows. The person who leaked it should be in more trouble than Bo. My grade (on his "promo") would be a nine. It's not a 10 only because he needed a catch phrase. *laughs*

Q: What are your thoughts on the direction of the football program under Bo?

A: I think we are at the same point we were right before Tommie Frazier got to Lincoln. We would win nine or 10 games, but ultimately lose to Oklahoma, or get embarrassed by Miami, Florida State or Georgia Tech or lose seven straight bowl games. It wasn't until ‘93 that we showed we could play with the big boys. I feel like we are a young and talented team that gets embarrassed at times. I feel like if we let this talent grow up a little in a year or two we can win Big Ten Championships, be in a BCS bowl game and possibly a national title game...maybe.

Note: This question was asked BEFORE the Minnesota game.

Q: How do you think the rest of the Big Ten season will play out?

A: It helps we don't have anywhere near as tough of a Big Ten schedule as we've had the past two years.

We have a shot at the Big Ten title game, but Ohio St. looks really good, not unbeatable, but really good.

Q: What is your favorite place to eat when you're back in Lincoln?

A: I love HuHot!