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Carl Pelini, Former Nebraska DC, Resigns From Florida Atlantic, Tin Foil Sells Out In Lincoln

Carl was 5-15 in his time as the Owls Head Coach, but Wednesday's resignation was a surprise. Plus, all of a sudden, the tin foil folks go nuts.

Eric Francis

Well, this was unexpected on your Wednesday afternoon.

Carl, who is of course the brother of Nebraska HC Bo Pelini and the former Defensive Coordinator of the Huskers from 2008-11, was 5-15 in his time as Florida Atlantic's Head Football coach.

If this was solely a football related thing, like calling for a spike on fourth down, this would be very uncanny timing as to why Pelini would be resigning in the middle of a game week.

HOWEVER, as we are finding out, it's not because of what the play on the field has been.

Of course, many around the Nebraska fan base are starting to think that Carl will be coming back to the Husker Coaching staff, primarily to take over as Defensive Coordinator of a fledgling Husker D, replacing current DC John Papuchis.

That is not happening, especially if there are issues going on with this. Period.

Pelini was making $500,000 per season as FAU's head coach. Since it's a private school, the wording of his contract is not known right off hand. FAU is a public university in Boca Raton. No one really cares right now because the rumors appear to be bad.

Florida Atlantic has called a 4pm Eastern press conference for an update on this story.