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Nebraska vs Illinois: Tommy Armstrong To Start

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

From the Nebraska Athletic Department -

Head Coach Bo Pelini spoke to the media after practice, and said the team got a lot of good work done this week and addressed the quarterback situation.

"We'll start Tommy (Armstrong)," Pelini said. "Ron (Kellogg III) will be ready to go and Taylor (Martinez) will not play."

Pelini said that whether Armstrong and Kellogg will split reps depends on how the game goes. Pelini added that Martinez is making progress but won't put him on the field until he is 100 percent. Martinez hasn't played since the turf toe injury he suffered on Sept. 14 against UCLA.

"(Both quarterbacks) had a good week," Pelini said. "They are feeling good. I think their confidence just grows. They've been getting a lot of reps. No matter who the quarterback is, the key is playing good around them. I think our guys understand that and we're ready to do that."

Pelini also talked about the MIKE linebacker position and said David Santos will "probably" get the start.

"(Santos) had a good couple weeks," Pelini said. "He's had a good last few days. I have to check out today's film but that's where we are leaning."

Pelini added that he thought today's communication in practice was the best it has been since the Huskers started fall camp.

"I didn't feel good after yesterday's practice but I felt really good after today's practice," Pelini said. "With our guys, it's a consistency issue and it's a focus issue. It's a discipline approach of playing the way you need to play."

So TA2 will get his second start of his career.

It will be a matter of whether RK3 gets to split series, or whether he goes in if TA2 fails to play well. I can see them splitting series - both have played well given their chances, and splitting series will give the coaches a chance to coach up whichever quarterback isn't playing at the time.

I like that idea better than letting Armstrong play unless he falters. He'll know ahead of time that he'll split series, and it won't hurt his confidence as much as being pulled if he's not playing well.

Other benefit - it sends a signal to future opponents that they might have to prepare for three quarterbacks, assuming Taylor Martinez returns to action in the next couple weeks.

If you're one of those "if you have two quarterbacks you have no quarterbacks" guys, that concept will drive you insane.

I'd rest easy. Nebraska is playing against two horrible defenses within the next two weeks, and this is all preparation for November.

Santos starting at MIKE linebacker is a indication that he's gotten a better grasp of being the field general they're looking for at that position.