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Thursday Night Football Game Thread!

David McGee

Welcome to Thursday night!

It's at least a little better set of games tonight, including our former conference-mates battling it off in a game of haves vs have nots and one opponent from this season.

Think about this for a minute - why is Texas, the school that makes more money off their athletics than many countries, in the same conference as Iowa State, a school that has nowhere near the resources?

SB Nation Scoreboard

SB Nation now has a dedicated scoreboard at the easy-to-remember You can go to the main scoreboard page to see scores for all sports, or drill down to the sport level and keep tabs on Saturday's CFB action via the College Football Scoreboard.

Links of Interest

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Thursday Night!

Texas at Iowa State Channel_espn_hd_logo_medium
UT -8 (56.5) 6:30 PM
UCLA at Utah Channel_fox_sports_1_medium UCLA -5.5 (60.5) 9:00 PM

Alternative Topics:

- Does anyone ever really read these damned things?

- There is a NFL game between Buffalo and Cleveland tonight, and perhaps something going on in baseball - I don't follow MLB, honestly, I have no clue.

- Inspired by this week's OTE B1G Power Poll, Sesame Street Edition......