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Corn Nation LIVE: Feeling Minnesota

Brian will be joined by a special co-host this evening, and we will be taking your calls for the entire 2 hours.

Hannah Foslien

After a 2 week hiatus, Corn Nation Live comes back to the airwaves.

Tonight, I will be joined by John Farris, Nebraska football fan, blogger at, and a member of the Mid-West Coast Bias podcast, to talk for 2 straight hours.

What can we discuss? Well, there's a litany of things:

- Nebraska's loss against Minnesota.
- Do the Huskers have a chance to win the B1G West Division?
- How hot is the Bo Pelini seat? 
- Going along with this piece at the Tunnel Walk of Shame today, does Nebraska Football need to be rebranded? And if so, how do you go along doing that?
- Taylor Martinez, Jamal Turner, and Ameer Abdullah sat out today's practice. Worried? 
- Northwestern comes to town at 2:30 on Saturday. What are the Huskers chances?

Of course, your phone calls are welcome through the whole episode.

The number, as always, is 646-716-8559

We will be going till 9pm Central time, so come up with something and we'll talk about it with you on the air!