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Corn Nation Power Poll: Week 10

You wanna know what happens when you lose to a team you're "not supposed to"? Look where "Dear 'ole Nebraska U" ended up.

Hannah Foslien

Hopefully you've settled down since Saturday (yeah, right.) enough to look, but the Corn Nation writers weren't kind to the Huskers after they fell to the Gophers.  Purdue still brings up the rear but Ohio State no longer is the unanimous #1.  We also saw more close races for spots than we've seen in a while.  Honestly, no one really knows how to separate these teams.  There's a whole bunch of mediocre happening in there.

Team Prev Total
Ohio State (11) 1 143
Wisconsin 2 127
Michigan State (1) 4 121
Michigan 5 113
Iowa 7 88
Minnesota 10 79
Nebraska 3 78
Penn State 6 64
Northwestern 9 45
Indiana 8 44
Illinois 11 26
Purdue 12 12