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Tuesday's Corn Flakes: Are Huskers Fans Too Entitled?

Today's links, chock full of presser reaction, as well as Taylor Martinez talk.

Ronald Martinez

A lot of stuff for your digestion, lets not waste any time.

Yesterday at CN, Mike brought his Cobs up for the week, as well as a good description of Bo Pelini's presser from Monday.

Jesse Collins sums up his feelings of last weekend and Monday over at OTE. (scroll down for a great comment from Salt)

Grant Muessel of HailVarsity warns against apathy striking the Huskers like it seemed to last weekend.

In the LJS, Brian Christopherson mentions about the role Michael Rose may have starting this Saturday. Meanwhile, Brian Rosenthal talks about how the team is "ignoring the 1% of the fan base that is talking bad about the team". (Pro tip: It's more than that, fellas)

Sam McKewon of the OWH says that an injured Taylor Martinez didn't help Nebraska's chances much on Saturday, while Tom Shatel says that Martinez must sit if injured, no matter what is going to happen to his legacy.

Reposting this Barfknecht piece from yesterday, only because of the poll I missed in the middle of the story. As of when I'm writing this, 84% say that Pelini's seat is cooking.

Some interesting numbers in this piece from the Gazette about how B1G ticket revenue sharing works. Also, it does show what Nebraska, as well as other Big 10 schools, make on the gate for conference games. YOU'RE WELCOME NORTHWESTERN.

Are Nebraska fans too entitled? This piece from J.P. Scott at Know It All Football thinks so.

If you're a member over at Huskers Illustrated (the 247 board), Jeff Mason did a great little writeup right here about what he heard at the presser, comparing it to a Tom Osborne quote from the day Bo was hired.

The SBNation Hot Seat watch has a new number 1 guy. Yep, you guessed it probably.

Penn State has reached a financial settlement with the victims of the Jerry Sandusky incident. Nearly $60 million dollars was paid out to 26 people, and it may not be over yet.

This was a pretty big recruiting weekend for College Football powers, and it showed in numbers and names. Nebraska, meanwhile..... welp.

Texas Tech unveiled some odd yet intriguing uniforms on Monday. So did Houston... kinda.

Bad week for Bret Bielema. First, an recruit tells others not to go to Arkansas, while Bert says Auburn didn't send good film for their game this past weekend.

Who could be your new Texas AD? How about Oliver Luck?

Game 5 of the World Series went to Boston, 3 to 1. The Red Sox look to win their first World Series on home turf in nearly 100 years on Wednesday night.

The NBA season kicks off Tuesday, if that's your thing. Of course SBN has a great NBA team and a fantastic preview of the season.

Birthdays today: Gabrielle Union, Winona Ryder, Andy Dalton, Richard Dreyfuss, R.A. Dickey, and Amanda Beard.

Today is International Internet Day, as well as National Hermit Day, and National Oatmeal Day.

Song of the day? A remake of a great Southern ballad.

(thanks Atlantic Records)

Corn Nation Live will be returning tonight at 7pm Central time, and I will have a co-host this time around. The podcast will also see the light of day today, as well as great CN content you all love.

Have a great Tuesday everyone.