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Cobs of the Week: Nebraska Offense, Nebraska Defense, Illinois, Penn State, and Moronic Losers on Twitter

What's the worst of this weekend? Nebraska's offense, Nebraska's defense, Illinois, Penn State, or the morons who tweeted at Kenny Bell and Mizzou kicker Andrew Baggett?

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, Nebraska discombobulated on the field, which means that our weekly look at the worst of the weekend in college football means the Huskers get prime spots in the nominations. But there are other things that didn't quite make the cut. Weather delays in Norman and Fort Worth forced Fox to bump the Oklahoma-Texas Tech game to the Fox News Channel (what?) and the Texas-TCU game to Fox Sports 2. (At least it wasn't bumped to the Longhorn Network...otherwise nobody could see the end...)

So here are this week's nominees:

Nebraska Offense

If it wasn't for Ameer Abdullah, it would have been over early in Minneapolis. The Huskers couldn't block very well, especially on pass protection. And when the pass did get thrown, the receivers usually dropped it. So why did Tim Beck call more passes than runs against the Gophers again?

Nebraska Defense

OK, we're going to revoke the "Blackshirts" for the time being. The nightmare of the Big Ten Championship Game was revisited as Minnesota faked the jet sweep on just about every play from the second quarter on. If you thought the idea of Melvin Gordon running wild made Husker fans head spin, just imagine what it did to the Nebraska linebackers and defensive backs. And like the "Nightmare on Elm Street" series, this is going to have multiple sequels as every B1G offensive coordinator is making sure there are a handful of jet sweep action in their playbook. We're going to see it again and again until Bo Pelini teaches his defense how to stop it.


Michigan State's Connor Cook completed 15 out of 16 passes against the Illini defense. Need I say more? OK, the Illini only ran 42 plays and gained 128 yards. How bad was it for Illinois? Nathan Scheelhaase's father didn't even make it through the game; he was arrested for resisting a peace officer, apparently after getting into a disturbance with some Michigan State fans.

Penn State

If you paid much attention to the ABC primetime game, you are either (a) a Buckeye fan or (b) a masochist. There's a reason why the World Series game outdrew college football last night...the football game sucked.

Moronic Fans

It was a bad day for Kenny Bell. His team lost, and when he returned home, he had to rush his dog to the vet after it was hit by a car.

Horrible news. Fortunately, it sounds like Mox the dog is going to be OK.

But while Bell was at the vets, one Husker fan decided it was a good opportunity to rip Bell for ruining his day.

Really. He kept it up for a while until it finally sunk in that he was acting like a complete douche. He eventually apologized, and he's since secured his Twitter feed, which appeared to be related to a Washington, DC news site. I wonder if there's more to come about this story.

That's just one guy. Check out what some morons in Missouri and South Carolina decided to tweet at Missouri kicker Andrew Baggett, after Baggett's 24 yard field goal doinked off of the uprights in double overtime.