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Nebraska vs Minnesota: Second Half Thread, Huskers Trail 17-13

The 2nd half will be an interesting one, can the Big Red make a comeback in Minneapolis?

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Well, considering how the first quarter started for the Huskers, things turned south quickly.

After a 6 play, 69 yard drive that finished with an Imani Cross TD, the Gophers could only muster a three and out on their first drive. Nebraska followed with a 45 yard field goal by Pat Smith to make it 10-0 Huskers with 7:06 to go in the first.

However, the Gophers came back with two of their own touchdown drives to take the lead. The first one was a 13 play, 75 yard drive that ended with Mitch Leidner's one yard sneak. the other TD drive was a 7 play, 88 yard drive that ended with Phillip Nelson throwing to Derrick Engel for a 33 yard touchdown on a fourth down play. Minnesota added on a Chris Hawthorne FG to take a 17-10 lead.

However, right before the half, Nebraska got back on the board with a 10 play drive that ended with another Pat Smith 42 yard FG.

Goldy has 161 yards rushing and 60 yards passing for 221 total yards. Nebraska has 101 yards passing and 68 yards rushing for 169 total. Minnesota with a 3 minute advantage in time of possession too. The lone turnover was Nebraska, as Ameer Abdullah fumbled.

Can the Huskers pull this one out? Lets all find out!! GBR!!