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Friday Night Husker Volleyball! And Football! And Other Things!

Join CN Online tonight!!!

Jon Johnston

There's but one college football game tonight, but it has the potential to be a pretty darned good game.

Boise State plays at BYU at 7:00 PM on ESPN.

Nebraska volleyball will be taking on Ohio State at Columbus in a game streamed on (subscription required).

I won't be around this evening. I will be heading to the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN to meet with many other Husker fans. Since I won't be here, I am leaving Leo The Cat to watch over you. I wouldn't worry much. Leo isn't particularly smart. You'll probably be able to get away with anything if you give him so food and scratch his nose once in a while.

I'm not sure what else is going on tonight. Perhaps there will be Halloween parties, since that holiday/excuse to drink is less than a week away.

Alternative Topics:

- The last really good book you read.

- Were you to be exiled from the United States but given a choice of any place to spend the rest of your natural life on earth, where would it be?

- When you travel, where do you prefer to eat?

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