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Thursday Night Football!

Join us at CN for another Thursday Night!!!

David McGee

Welcome to Thursday Night Football at CN!

Your games for tonight, both fairly early games:

Game Time Channel
Kentucky at Mississippi State 6:30 p.m. ESPN
Marshall at Middle Tennessee 6:30 p.m. Fox Sports 1

Volleyball played Iowa last night, and plays Ohio State on Friday. That is not tonight, tonight is Thursday.

In the NFL Carolina plays Tampa Bay on the NFL Network that everyone in America gets for free not.

Does the World Series start tonight? Yes, I believe it does. I really don't know. It's not that I'm going to make fun of Major League Baseball, but it's not something I follow.

- Alternative Topics For Discussion:

- That sunofabitch Van Owen who blew off Roland's head.

- Your halloween costume. Do you have it yet, and what is it?

- Cuter: Kittens or Bunnies. Give examples.