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Detasseling The Huskers, Episode 51: How Many Victories Remain In 2013?

It's almost one year of DtH. Greg and Brian give the people what they want, and talk about a multitude of things, including the Minnesota game.

These people look like a blast
These people look like a blast
Joe Robbins
In Episode 51, Brian and Greg kick off the show with annoying work phone calls that really have nothing to do with the Huskers...but people sometimes just do silly things (not you, you're awesome) and the guys feel it necessary to share that stupidity with the world.

Then it's time to discuss Husker football, including the trip this weekend to Minnesota. Enjoy the game and a predicted Husker victory.

Speaking of Nebraska wins, the guys prognosticate how many wins NU will have the remainder of the season (hint: it's more than 1 and less than 10).

Also, with next week's episode being our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, we want your #hashtags. Listen to the show for all the details and to see how you can get mentioned on next week's show.

Thanks to all that give us questions for the podcast on a weekly basis. Enjoy this week's, and looking for the call for questions next week from Greg or Brian on Corn Nation!