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Corn Nation Power Poll: Week 9

We had one pretty big upset on Saturday and avoided a couple of massive ones when Ohio State held off Iowa Michigan outlasted Indiana. Big Ten play is in full swing and we're only just now getting to the good stuff.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

There weren't any big winners this week as for the most part, we held status quo, except in Evanston.  Minnesota's win over Northwestern knocked the Wildcats all the way down to 9th, one spot ahead of the Gophers.

Team Prev Total
Ohio State (11) 1 143
Wisconsin 2 131
Nebraska 3 115
Michigan State (1) 4 108
Michigan 6 97
Penn State 7 74
Iowa 9 68
Indiana 8 58
Northwestern 5 55
Minnesota 11 48
Illinois 10 27
Purdue 12 12