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Tuesday's Corn Flakes: More Tickets Available For Nebraska/Minnesota At 9AM

Today's news on what could happen in Nebraska's last half of the season (either way), along with Frank Solich's team with new threads for the weekend.

How much Red will be in the stands on Saturday?
How much Red will be in the stands on Saturday?
Hannah Foslien

Welcome to Tuesday morning. Time for your goodness of knowledge.

Yesterday on Corn Nation, we had Mike's report card of KC BBQ, meanwhile Nebrasketball got another International recruit, and we learned that Taylor Martinez is still day-to-day, but in the famous words of Keith Olbermann "THEN AGAIN AREN'T WE ALL?". Finally, the Cobs were given out to those most deserving from this weekend.

At the LJS, Brian Christopherson says the Huskers think they are ready for the six week meat of the 2013 schedule that awaits them.

Do you feel the burning urge to head to Minneapolis this weekend? Well, there will be some single tickets for sale starting at 9am today from the University of Minnesota website.

Jon Nyatawa in the OWH talks about how Andrew Green is "Mr. Do-It-All" for Nebraska's secondary.

Jesse Collins over at Off Tackle Empire talks about what is next for Nebraska in the stretch run.

The Daily Gopher tries to find some perspective heading into their game against Nebraska, this after the upset win of Northwestern last Saturday. In that piece, there is a line that surprises me:

The demise of the Gopher Football Program and the Jerry Kill Era was largely exaggerated and premature.

I do believe that Kill will not be the HC of the Gophers program after this season. Not to say that he'll leave the program mind you, I think something ala Jeff Jamrog's position at Nebraska would be good for Kill. He can stay in the program with the kids he recruited, but the stress of being a HC with epilepsy has seemingly taken it's toll on him.

Where would the Gophers look for a Head Coach? Well, I tend to think that there's only one person that Minnesota AD Norwood Teague should look at to get his school both in good hands AND an upgrade. One that some of you folks simply won't like. But, that's a discussion for the comments.

Well, we found ONE person who didn't dig the Oregon pinkout on Saturday.

SBN's Spencer Hall took in the weekend at Ole Miss/LSU, and did this fantastic piece about the greatest tailgating spot in the sport, The Grove.

Grambling's Football team decided to come back to practice on Monday after the past week of walkouts and a forfeit. Interestingly enough, no one on the team will face any discipline for their actions (which, to be honest, is admirable because maybe then someone will pay attention to this issue). On the other hand, an online editor was fired from the school newspaper and another reporter suspended for their actions in covering the story.

If Venric Mark isn't able to go full speed anymore for Northwestern... well, that would honestly suck, cause he's a great player to watch.


A lot of schools just do the whole alternate uni for the sake of doing them. One school that has done well with them, however, is the Fighting Frankies of Ohio. Here's one they are trotting out for this Saturday.

There will be some severe sniping (one way or another) come 9:15 Tuesday morning, as the NCAA will finally announce their decision on Miami at 9:00 AM Lincoln time.

Today's Birthdays: Robinson Cano, Arsene Wenger, Christopher Lloyd, Ichiro, LaMichael James, and Shaggy.

Today's music video is one that I can't form an opinion on, so I am going to let you all make your own.

(thanks SongsOfCraze)

A happy Tuesday to you all.