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Cobs of the Week: Clemson, Louisville, the SEC, State of Iowa, Michigan State, and Lee Barfknecht

Who's the worst of this weekend in college football?

I wouldn't look either.
I wouldn't look either.
Tyler Smith

So much suckage, so little time. I personally didn't get to watch much football this weekend, but the rest of the CN team did. So here are this week's nominees.

Clemson: Oh, we knew that Clemson would do Clempson type of things at some point. And with Brent and Kirk on hand, Clemson delivered an pratfall of epic proportions. Dabo should have have just rounded his team just before kickoff and put them back on the bus.

Louisville: So much for an AAC team trying to break into the BCS as a darkhorse.

State of Iowa: Well, at least you tried. (Well, against Ohio State, I guess. Against Baylor, not so much.)

The SEC: South Carolina, Florida, Texas A&M, and LSU. C'mon man. I'm sure SEC types really laughed when Missouri was ranked #1 in 2007. I don't think anybody outside of Alabama is laughing now.

Michigan State: One week after Nebraska's backup quarterbacks lit up Purdue, Michigan State's Connor Cook reverted to his traditional form.

Michigan: Is RichRod back in Ann Arbor? We've got basketball on grass again. But now we can put that 42 point outburst by Michigan State last week in perspective.

Lee Barfknecht: After Iowa bounced back this week to give Ohio State a bit of a scare, the World-Herald's national college football writer proceeded to proclaim that Iowa had propelled themselves into contention to win the Big Ten's west division. At best, you could say that Iowa isn't eliminated yet. Yet being the operative word. Why make that statement? Barfknecht is simply trolling Husker fans.