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Friday Night Volleyball! Football! Hot Ham And Cheese Sandwiches!

It's another hot Friday night here at Corn Nation and you're all invited to join us online where we talk about everything and possibly some sports.

Jon Johnston

Only one college football game on tonight, Central Florida vs Louisville at 7:00 PM on ESPN. It's another game in which we get the chance to see Cardinal quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and offensive coordinator Shawn Watson. I wonder if he still has that great hair?

Nebraska Volleyball takes on Purdue Indiana tonight, at the Devaney Center at 7:00 PM. The game is televised within the state of Nebraska on NETV and is available via subscription on

Nebraska soccer takes on Wisconsin at 7:00 pm at Madison. Not televised, nor am I sure there's even audio.

Alternative Topics:

- You have to buy a new car. Could be a new new car. Could be a new used car. What you buying?

- There are hot ham and cheese sandwiches in the next room, but by the time you get there, they're always gone. WHAT IS GOING ON?

- I learned something about beet juice today. Beet juice was mentioned on last night's game thread. Coincidence? No, synchronicity. Your last experience with synchronicity was about what?