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DeTasseling The Huskers: Episode 50

Greg and Brian hit half a hundred this week, talking to you about Nebraska's upcoming schedule and Spencer Long's absence.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The guys are back (a day late...Greg is sorry) for Episode FIFTY of De-Tasseling the Huskers.

First and foremost, the guys want to express their appreciation for everyone who listens regularly, listens occasionally, or listens never (that covers everyone, right? No fan left behind). We are grateful for your support and your questions are the driving force behind the success of this show.

Speaking of questions, we had some great ones. Topics discussed this week include:

Tommy Armstrong Jr and his lightened bandwagon after Saturday.

So Long Spencer Long (I made a sad face while typing that)

Pelini's future (or that of the coaching staff) if the Big Red make it to Indy and lose.

The 2013 Huskers...a five loss team?

70% of Husker fans wish to be back in the Big 12? Really? REALLY?!? (not likely)

So enjoy this 50th episode of DtH. Share it with your friends. Comment and tell us what you think, and be looking for the Call for Questions next week from Greg or Brian on Corn Nation.