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Big Ten, Nebraska announce 2018 and 2019 conference schedules

Well, at least we play Indiana in 2019.

Delany really hates us.
Delany really hates us.
Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Ten Conference and Nebraska announced the 2018 and 2019 conference schedules for the current membership today. Of course, whether these will be the actual slates in 2018 or 2019 is anyone's guess, as the odds are that by the time the Big Ten negotiates their next TV contract in 2015, the conference will expand again.

But until then, let's take a gander at Nebraska's schedules for those two seasons:


One non-conference opponent TBD

Sept. 8                  Colorado

Sept. 15                Troy

Sept. 22                at Michigan

Sept. 29                Purdue

Oct. 6                    at Wisconsin

Oct. 13                  at Northwestern

Oct. 20                  Minnesota

Oct. 27                  BYE

Nov. 3                   at Ohio State

Nov. 10                 Illinois

Nov. 17                 Michigan State

Nov. 23                 at Iowa

Yes, you're reading that right: Nebraska gets the pleasure of going on the road to Michigan, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Ohio State and Iowa. Even at five years out, that's pretty daunting. As our own James Stevenson pointed out on Twitter, this is a slate that could lead a coach to being fired. (Scott Frost?)

Since this schedule makes our 2011 slate look like a bro hug, I'd expect Nebraska's last non-conference signing to be a powderpuff from the MAC or Sun Belt conference, perhaps even the C-USA. Does Southern Miss need another bailout?


Aug. 31                 South Alabama

Sept. 7                  at Colorado

Sept. 14                Northern Illinois

Sept. 21                at Illinois

Sept. 28                Ohio State

Oct. 5                    Northwestern

Oct. 12                  at Minnesota

Oct. 19                  BYE

Oct. 26                  Indiana

Nov. 2                   at Purdue

Nov. 9                   BYE

Nov. 16                 Wisconsin

Nov. 23                 at Maryland

Nov. 29                 Iowa

In 2019, things are a little less horrid. Not a bad schedule if Nebraska is breaking in another new coach after the last one disappeared following a loss to Iowa.


Speaking of Iowa, it looks like the Hawkeyes will continue to play for the Heroes Trophy on Black Friday. So that's nice. (We play Wisconsin annually starting next year, so you'll still get your rivalry.) Also we play Indiana in 2019, thanks to priority scheduling. This will be our second game since we joined the conference eight years prior.

If we're lucky, we'll even the series.

What say you? Who should Nebraska sign for the unfilled game in 2018? How excited are you for that 2018 schedule?