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Wednesday's Corn Flakes: Moudy At Right Guard? Bring it on.

This morning's links include details about NCAA Regional Volleyball tickets on sale this morning, as well as some mid-season awards and numbers to crunch.

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Welcome to the middle of the week. It feels like fall here finally, as the combo of Gulf moisture and a massive cold front has made for some chilly weather finally in my neck of the woods. Does it help? Well, the wife appreciates the cheaper electric bill, so I guess so. Here are your links today.

Yesterday on Corn Nation, we all welcomed my friend Derek Hernandez into the fold with what do do with the second bye week. Also, we found out about Spencer Long being done as a Husker, as well as the CN B1G Power Poll. Finally for Tuesday, we had a great Fanpost from huskerrebel about some B1G and Husker stats that you all should take a peek at.

The Husker Women's B-Ball team had their Big Red Tip Off on Tuesday at Pinnacle Bank Arena.

Not to be outdone, Baseball's Red-White scrimmage kicked off at Haymarket Park earlier in the afternoon.

Replacing a All-American and All Big 10 Right Guard in Long doesn't make Mike Moudy sweat.

Lee Barfknecht has his mid-season B1G awards at the OWH.

A limited number of tickets go on sale at 8am today for the NCAA Volleyball Regional at the Devaney Center.

Do you think the Tennessee/Virginia Tech game at Bristol Motor Speedway is good for College Football? Andy Hutchins wonders that here.

Since we are at the halfway pole of the season, time to take a look at some of the biggest statistical surprises so far this season.

These North Carolina jerseys that are coming out Thursday against Miami are... ok?

Clemson is going to attempt to break a record the Kansas City Chiefs just set last Sunday, as they will attempt to be the loudest crowd roar ever recorded.

There was some Tuesday CFB action you may have missed, as Louisiana-Lafayette defeated Western Kentucky 37-20.

Lengthy but interesting ESPN Ombudsman piece here about how the network took their name off of the PBS Frontline documentary "League of Denial", which was focused on the concussion issues plaguing the NFL.

Remember Kevin Ware, the Louisville player that had a violently grotesque broken leg against Duke last year in the NCAA Tournament? He's going to suit up for the Cards' season opener, just two weeks after he was cleared to practice.

While looking at BT Powerhouse, the SBNation Big 10 Basketball blog, I stumbled upon this piece from about 6 weeks ago on why Nebrasketball will be better this year. I don't know about y'all, but I would take being 5-8th in the Big 10, as that would give you decent to pretty good odds of an NCAA tournament berth.

Today's birthdays include Flea, Bryce Harper, Tim Robbins, Bob Wier (of the Grateful Dead) and Barry Corbin.

Song of the day? Why NOT the Dead? (Someone once told me this was their first music video, is that true?)

(thanks mpd2I17)

Enjoy your Wednesday everyone.