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Corn Nation Power Poll: Week 7

Joe Robbins

Rejuvenated after a resounding win over Purdue, the Corn Nation writers once again conspired to hate on your team by voting them down in the power poll.   For the second straight week, we have unanimity at the top and bottom.  Those two teams, Ohio State and Purdue, respectively are pulling away from the pack a bit.  Wisconsin is starting to assert itself as the second best team in the conference, despite their two losses.  The rest of the conference are tiered out pretty clearly as well.  Michigan State was our biggest mover this week, jumping up 4 spots with their win over Indiana.

Team Prev Total
Ohio State (11) 1 132
Wisconsin 3 120
Nebraska 4 100
Michigan State 8 97
Northwestern 2 93
Michigan 5 73
Penn State 6 69
Indiana 11 64
Iowa 7 42
Illinois 9 34
Minnesota 10 24
Purdue 12 11