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Tuesday's Corn Flakes: No News On Spencer Long.... Yet.

This mornings links include comments by both Nebraska Basketball coaches, and how the Big 12 is oh so consistent.

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Welcome to your Tuesday morning. Lots to catch up on, so lets get to it.

Yesterday at Corn Nation, we told you about Nebraska's Football schedule changing with Tennessee and OMG OREGON WHOA. Furthermore, the Baseball schedule came out for this spring, and Houston Safety Josh Kalu made his verbal to the Huskers last night for the 2014 cycle.

Tom Shatel says it's good that the Huskers are stepping up their scheduling profile.

Steve Sipple tells you that the Husker D Line has made strides. I would take that with a tasty grain of salt, in that we'll find out more about that (and the rest of the team) come November.

Jordan Westerkamp is impressing a lot of folks right now.

John Cook is relatively pleased in how his Husker Volleyball team has played the last couple of weeks.

Nebraska and Minnesota will receive a 11am kickoff next Saturday morning.

Folks are still waiting word on Huskers Guard Spencer Long. The possible diagnosis, however, isn't really appealing to think of.

Both Connie Yori and Tim Miles talked about their respective upcoming seasons.

What are you doing Tyler Gabbert?

Bo Pelini was included on this hot seat watch from the mothership today. To be honest, it's not that hot for now, so what fences we're swinging for, I dunno, maybe they meant Carl?

Good to see the Big 12 is consistent with suspensions and such for plays that were less dirty than then one Mike Davis had 2 weeks ago for Texas.

Nebraska is 23rd in the first Harris Poll of the year.

QB controversy? Not in Lincoln, However, go take a look in Austin for the newest one.

Playing LSU without your basically top defender isn't a good idea, Ole Miss.

It sounds like James Franklin isn't going to be out the rest of the regular season. But he will miss some time with that shoulder injury.


What is going on here Wyoming?

Well Tevin Coleman.... you tried.

Today's birthdays include Tito Jackson, Sarah Ferguson, Emeril Lagasse, and Ginuwine.

Today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day, as well as National Grouch Day.

The song this morning is something I wouldn't listen to normally, so I'll give it a try as long as you do the same.

(thanks krodd24)

Have a great day everyone.