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Oregon and Nebraska to face off in 2016 and 2017.

Following a request by Tennessee to shift their series to 2026 and 2027, Nebraska has added Oregon to the 2016 and 2017 schedules.

Steve Dykes

If you may recall, Tennessee is following their dreams of playing racecars by hosting a game at Bristol Motor Speedway in 2016. They'll be making "vroom-vroom" noises while facing Virginia Tech as both schools look to set an attendance record for a college football game.

This is the sight line from the 50 yard line:


To do this, however, Tennessee had to make room on their schedule.

Of course, this left Nebraska with a hole in their schedule.

A shockingly SOLID replacement, in my opinion. Maybe this new "playoff" era won't be so bad if it forces teams to schedule good opponents?

(And if you're curious about Nebraska's chances, keep an eye on Oregon's youngsters.)

A current player was both excited and perhaps saddened by the news:

This would be great.

A statement from AD Shawn Eichorst was also shared:

"This is a win-win scenario," Nebraska Director of Athletics Shawn Eichorst said. "The University of Tennessee asked for scheduling relief, and we were able to add the University of Oregon, a perennial top-25 program, to our non-conference schedule as we roll into the College Football Playoff era. This should be a great series, not only for our football programs, but for the tremendous fans of both schools."


Of course what Eichorst doesn't mention is SCOTT FROST, because well, that's where every last one of you is going right now, isn't?

The question is, where will he be?

Frankly, in my opinion, Scott Frost will be HC at Oregon by 2016 because Herzlich will move on to the NFL. But that's just my opinion.

Of course, some of you may think he'll be Nebraska's head coach by then, for which I only have tears of sadness.

Splitting the difference, I'd like you to meet EASTERN MICHIGAN'S NEW HEAD COACH, SCOTT FROST.


We are, of course, ignoring the elephant in the room:

The athletic department is clearly trolling me at this point.

As for the Tennessee matchup:

The Huskers will play host to Tennessee on Sept. 12, 2026, and travel to Knoxville and Neyland Stadium on Sept. 11, 2027. The games will be the first-ever regular-season matchups between the schools. Nebraska won the only two previous matchups in the series, defeating Tennessee in the 1998 Orange Bowl and the 2000 Fiesta Bowl.

In other scheduling news:


And here are our 2016 and 2017 schedules, from

2016 2017
Date Opponent Location Date Opponent Location
Sep 03 Fresno State Memorial Sep 09 Oregon at Eugene
Sep 10 Wyoming Memorial Sep 16 Northern Illinois Memorial
Sep 17 Oregon Memorial Sep 23 Rutgers * Memorial
Oct 01 Illinois * Memorial Sep 30 Illinois * at Champaign
Oct 08 Northwestern * at Evanston Oct 07 Wisconsin * Memorial
Oct 15 Indiana * at Bloomington Oct 14 Ohio State * Memorial
Oct 22 Purdue * Memorial Oct 28 Purdue * at West Lafayette
Oct 29 Wisconsin * at Madison Nov 04 Northwestern * Memorial
Nov 05 Ohio State * at Columbus Nov 11 Minnesota * at Minneapolis
Nov 12 Minnesota * Memorial Nov 18 Penn State * at State College
Nov 19 Maryland * Memorial Nov 24 Iowa * Memorial
Nov 25 Iowa * at Iowa City

Nebraska still has one slot open in 2017, likely to be filled by a MAC or Sun Belt-level team. (Remember, Big Ten has requested members no longer schedule non-FBS opponents.)