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Friday Night Football!

Join us at CN online as we discuss just about anything besides tonight's football game between Temple and Cincinnati.

David McGee

Welcome to Friday!

Here we are at mid-October without any idea of exactly how we got here. Oh, sure, physicists will tell you all about the rotation of the earth and it's revolution around the sun, but they can't retrace the steps you've taken since the beginning of the 2013 football season.

Five games have passed, the sixth tomorrow. The offseason seems so long, as does this October, which is a full month full of not very good games. I don't mean to be rude to Purdue, but tomorrow's doesn't hold a lot of interest given how low web traffic and comments have been this week.

Nebraska volleyball plays at Michigan at 6:00 pm in a game that isn't televised anywhere, although audio should be available online.

Only one college football game tonight:

Temple vs Cincinnati -- 7:30 PM on ESPN

Not exactly a high profile game, huh?

Alternative Topics:


- Tickets for Nebraska - Purdue are now $1.00. What's the last great thing you bought for $1.00?

- Did you ever deny? Were you ever a traitor? Ever in love with your blood lust and need?