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Detasseling The Huskers, Episode 48: Defensive Questions Galore

Greg and Brian take your questions and produce another great version of DtH.

David McGee/CN

Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to the 48th DtH Podcast.

The guys start off talking about baseball (DON'T BRING UP THE RANGERS TO BRIAN!!!), as the playoffs begin, then with a silky smooth transition, get into Husker sports.

Lots of questions from Facebook this week, most of which asking about the defense.

Also, Greg worked a little of The Good Life into his actual terrestrial radio job.

We wanna thank the guys at the Corn Nation Facebook page for the questions. Mike Roelofs, Rob Prutch, Josh Hansen, Tyler Fear and David Woods were the folks that contributed to this week's podcast.

We always make the call on Monday for questions from you, the reader/listener, for the DtH Podcast. And we normally answer every single one. So, if you have something you want to ask, follow Greg or myself on Twitter, and Corn Nation on either Facebook or Twitter, to give us your questions.