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The Reads: Next Generation Playoff Set for 2015

The 2014-2015 inaugural playoff has been more or less set.* Will Nebraska be there?

Scott Cunningham

No comments today other than a facepalm at Ross Els.

Recruiting Nugget: RB Terrell Newby of West Hills, CA announces today at 3:30pm CT his choice between Nebraska and UCLA. All indications suggest it would be a surprise if he doesn't join Nebraska on National Signing Day.

* Okay, they haven't announced a title game location, but all indications suggest it'll be held at the JerryDome.

Nebrasketball (Plays Tonight, 6pm CT, BTN)

Join us for a Game Thread tonight!

BTN and BTN2Go (Ch. 610 on DirecTV; Chs. 439, 9500 on DISH; Chs. 24 and 333-SD, 1333-HD on Time Warner Cable; Chs. 80 SD, 1080-HD on Cox Cable)

Play-by-play: Kevin Kugler Color: Greg Kelser

Radio: Across the state on the IMG Husker Sports Radio Network, including KLIN (1400 AM/94.5 FM) in Lincoln, KFAB (1110 AM) in Omaha and KRVN (880 AM) in Lexington.

Play-by-play: Kent Pavelka; Color: Matt Davison

Internet Radio/Stats: Free on Satellite

Radio (Michigan feed): Sirius Ch. 123, XM Ch. 191

Women's Basketball (Plays tomorrow, 5:30pm CT, BTN)

NR/#23 Nebraska Cornhuskers (11-4, 1-1 Big Ten) at Indiana Hoosiers (10-5, 1-1 Big Ten)

Thursday, Jan. 10, 5:30 p.m. (Central)

Assembly Hall (Bloomington, Ind.)

Television: BTN/ (PBP-Eric Collins; Analyst-LaChina Robinson)

Radio: 25-Station IMG College Husker Sports Network (PBP-Matt Coatney; Analyst-Jeff Griesch)

(107.3 FM-KBBK, Lincoln; 93.3 FM-KFFF, Omaha; 880 AM-KRVN, Lexington)

Free Internet Audio:

UNL Football

Michigan and Northwestern are ranked ahead of Nebraska because in someone's mind, they would've beaten Georgia. Right.

I just don't see them upsetting the divisional setups that much.

Look, Big Ten. It's really simple. Move Wisconsin west. Done. No pain, no mess. You get a scrum in the West and Ohio State in the East. It's what they've always wanted. And occasionally, they'll still get THE GAME twice a year.

Sorry, Dirk. But the SEC is not as dominant as people say. (Welcome, SEC trolls.) Alabama is, yes. And teams that beat out Alabama for the SEC championship, yes. But the rest of the SEC? They're good but not dominant. Dominant teams don't get pushed by what everyone decided was a terrible Big Ten. Or lose to ACC or Big East teams.

At the end of the day, Nebraska and Alabama's runs are remarkable for the era of football they were accomplished in. End of story.

Why not move it to TD Ameritrade? Play it before the CWS.

UNL Volleyball

[Kelsey] Robinson, the 2011 Southeastern Conference player of the year, will join the Huskers with one season of eligibility remaining.

A great pick up for the 2013 Nebraska Cornhuskers volleyball team. Welcome, Kelsey!

National News

Until we meet again, football.


His optimism sounds like another head coach's that we know. (But Bo Pelini has his priorities in the right place.)

Concerning the Big Ten's major bowl bids, this means that in any given season where the Big Ten champ doesn't go to the playoffs, they will play either in Miami or Pasadena. (Rose Bowl probably gets first choice.)

I suspect that at some point the SEC and Big Ten may push for a longer regular season as well, to improve non-conference schedules and post-season standings. With the larger conferences (14+), they'll require 9 game schedules.

Take a look at the SEC this year and consider this: if the Big Ten keeps an eight team schedule, depending on how things are arranged, Nebraska would only play Ohio State or Wisconsin maybe twice in a decade. That could hurt the Big Ten's TV offerings. I also think playing yourself for nine out of twelve weeks of play could limit your national exposure and diminish your post-season clout, particularly if you're not the SEC.

The key point is not that ESPN's on-air analysts are saying what the corporate suits are directly instructing them to do so, though. Rather, the network's perceived protection of the conference and Florida is a product of a groupthink, herd mentality that plagues the media as a whole. (It just so happens that this groupthink is very beneficial to ESPN's corporate interests.)

Shouldn't Brent be making the apology and not ESPN? I realize some of you don't think his comments meant anything. And taken out of context, no, they don't. But you don't make those comments in front of a live, national audience. This isn't Howard Stern, this is college football.

Talk about shooting for the Moon. I wonder how long ESPN's business people laughed when they saw this number.

Star Wars, coming true.


And now a submission from our fearless leader, with the only comment of "why":

I like to think of it as an audio commentary on Ross Els.


Have a great Wednesday, everyone! Remember to come back tonight for Nebrasketball versus Michigan!

-Salt Creek and Stadium