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Nebraska Is Out With Brandon Vandenburg, Because......

Well...... look for yourself.

Eric Francis

So, Nebraska lost out on Beau Sandland to Miami, remember? We didn't know if losing Vince Marrow to Kentucky had a big effect on the tight dnd's decision to sign with the Hurricanes, so Nebraska turned their attention to Brandon Vandenburg, the nation's #3 JUCO tight end.

Vandenburg, who just happened to be on the top of Brandon's Big Board yesterday, was all set to visit Lincoln this weekend and then be ready to make a decision between the Huskers, Tennessee, and Arkansas.

And then.....

...... I mean..... I just mean.....

I don't get this one, I just don't.

Take out the aesthetics of Nebraska going from being in on 2 of the top 3 tight ends in America to replace both Kyler Reed and Ben Cotton in next year's offense, you all of a sudden are out of taking one?

I mean, this better mean that either Nebraska is going full-bore spread next year, or you REALLY, REALLY think Greg Hart is going to be your man for the next 3 years alongside someone going to tight end like Mike Marrow.....

Now, I do realize that there are two sides to every story, but at the same time, stories like this get around to fellow families and such. Could it be sour grapes? Quite possibly, and I won't discount that at all.

That being said.... /HEADSLAM.